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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Design and development of soft exosuit for fall interventionEr, Jie Kai
2022Design of a smart assistive device for the visually impaired via 3D printingTan, Pei Wei
2021Developing a tongue shape index for traditional Chinese medicinePng, Ming Jian
2021Development of enhanced air-cooled heat sink arraysAw, Janine Kai Ning
2021Development of line-scan vision system for print quality inspectionLim, Darius Jun Yong
2022Driver state monitoring for intelligent vehicles - attention localizationCai, Yuxin
2019Fall detection with galvanic skin response sensorDu, Yibo
2023Human-aware navigation system for assistive wheelchairChan, Maximilian Jun Feng
2022Implementation of data analytics and generation of algorithms for non-intrusive healthcare monitoring system of vulnerable elderliesTan, Brennon Joo Liang
2020Intelligent design : automatic selection of off-the-shelf componentsTi, Kai Xiang
2020Laser shock peening for microstructure tailoring of additive manufactured Inconel 718 partsHeng, Zi Yun
2020Non-invasive blood pressure measurements via the pulse wave velocity methodologyKeshant Mohan
2023NTUniverseSim, Jing Kai
2021Printed electronics for smart water technology sensorKoh, Joy Yuan En
2022Printing sensing electrode for water technologyNg, Shawn Jia Jun
2021Real-time human balance and gait evaluation algorithms of a robotic balance assistant using optimization and learning-based methodsFoo, Ming Jeat
2022Research on fall protection devices based on adaptive structured fabricsJiang, Chenglin
2020Scanning of a learjet for educational purposeChow, Yong Kean
2021Stretchable conductive threads for touchpadsKay, Hean Zhou