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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Aqueous electrochemical system of Prussian blue analogue for low-grade thermal energy harvestingLiu, Yezhou
2023Design of photovoltaic-thermal (PVT) platformTeo, Wei Xiang
2019Designing the dynamic response of Organic Rankine Cycle evaporators in waste heat recovery applicationsJiménez-Arreola, Manuel
2023Effect of surface albedo of urban fabrics on urban climate in tropical areaLong, Yongping
 2022Energy savings of an optimized daylight-pipe system with single and dual reflectors in tropical climates of IndiaAzad, Abdus Salam; Donthu, Eswara V. S. K. K.; Wan, Man Pun; Kaushik, S. C.; Rakshit, Dibakar
2021Enhanced thermal energy storage based on phase change materials with enhanced structuresSek, Mun Pin
2023Enhancement of refrigerant-side condensation heat transfer performance of additively-manufactured air cooled heat exchangersLim, Zheng Wei
2020Experimental and analytical assessment of a packed bed for thermal energy storageKhor, Jun Onn
2020Experimental investigation of adsorber (sorption bed) for cooling/ heat pump applicationsSaravanan Munusamy
2021Experimental investigation of novel solid oxide electrolyser cell for direct conversion of flue gas to syngasSyed Alwi Alsagoff
2022Experimental investigation of overall heat transfer coefficients for adsorption bed under adsorption-desorption operating conditionsKoh, Gordon Yong Feng
2020Experimental investigations on a topology-optimised thermal energy storage device filled with novel phase change materialsChua, Cher Shean
2020Experimental study of single- and two-phase heat transfer of fractal-like structuresMak, Joel Tse Hoi
2021Heat conduction analysis in solids with temperature dependent thermal conductivityKuan, Jia Hao
 2018Impacts on the solidification of water on plate surface for cold energy storage using ice slurryLiu, Shengchun; Li, Hailong; Song, Mengjie; Dai, Baomin; Sun, Zhili
2020Investigation of flow visualization and droplet vaporization in enclosed chamberPoh, Cai Jia
2023Low-temperature supercapacitorMuhammad Ja'far Sodiq Bin Kelana Izrak
2020Numerical modelling of a one-dimensional laser drilling problemCheong, Tong
2022Numerical simulation of condensation in a minichannelZhao, Huanyu
2018Numerical study of integrated solar photovoltaic–thermal module with a refrigeration system for air-conditioning and hot water production under the tropical climate conditions of SingaporeDubey, Swapnil; Subiantoro, Alison