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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20212D transient parametric and heat transfer analysis of a coupled vane compressorKoh, Daniel Han Wen
2019Analysis and simulation of desalination processes via advanced low-dimensional material systemsAng, Elisa Yun Mei
2023Analysis of chaotic patterns in Kelvin-Helmholtz instability by deep learningHuang, Xinyuan
2021Behavior of a shock-accelerated heavy cylindrical bubble under nonequilibrium conditions of diatomic and polyatomic gasesSingh, Satyvir; Battiato, Marco
2022Bending stiffness characterization of Bacillus subtilis’ flagellar filamentShen, Xinhui; Tran, Phu N.; Tay, Benjamin Zikai; Marcos
2021Can the mechanoreceptional setae of a feeding-current feeding copepod detect hydrodynamic disturbance induced by entrained free-floating prey?Shen, Xinhui; Yao, Xin; Marcos; Fu, Henry C.
2020Carotid artery stenosis (CAS) disease detection by passive and active medical infrared (IR) thermal imagingSaxena, Ashish
2020CFD simulation and parametric study of Rijke TubeWong, Zhi Yao
2020Computational fluid dynamic simulation of the non-newtonian flow in a 3D printing processLee, Kai Theng
2021Computational fluid dynamics simulation of the resistance of ships in calm waterLeong, Jackson Wei Jian
2020Computational modeling of selective laser melting processLe, Kim Quy
 2021Computational study of hypersonic rarefied gas flow over re-entry vehicles using the second-order Boltzmann-Curtiss constitutive modelChourushi, Tushar; Singh, Satyvir; Sreekala, Vishnu Asokakumar; Myong, Rho Shin
2023Constructive foil-wake Interactions of tandem flapping hydrofoils for propulsion and energy harvestingWang, Guangjian
2021Controllable wetting and evaporation of a sessile colloidal dropletRen, Junheng
2020Design and construction of a test rig for grouping of tiny particles using acoustic combined with flow oscillationsLu, Zhen Hao
2020Design and flow simulation of coupled vane compressorNg, Park Hong
2021Design of a simple paper-based microfluidic device for fluid dilutionHe, Zeqing
2022Design of modular hydroponic wall system for household urban farming using additive manufacturingGoh, Yin Xian
2023Design of photovoltaic-thermal (PVT) platformTeo, Wei Xiang
2021Develop food inks based on food waste for 3D food printingXiao, Tian