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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023AI-ML for quantitative blood pressure and blood glucose estimation from non-occlusive PPG/ECG bio-signalsVignesh Sujith Menon
2021Air quality monitoring and remote control system using Arduino IDETeh, Siang Wen
2021Autonomous shuttlecock collecting robotChew, Min Jian
2019A constrained instantaneous learning approach for aerial package delivery robots : onboard implementation and experimental resultsMehndiratta, Mohit; Kayacan, Erdal
2022Controlling high DoF robotic arm with 2 DoF joystick and environment contextLin, Bo
2021Deep-learning-based 3D driver pose estimation for autonomous drivingCao, Xiao
2021Design and develop universal underactuated gripperChau, Oscar Jia Liang
2020Design and development of a 2-DoF tilt-rotor quadcopterAng, Zheng Da
2022Design and development of UAV for robotx challengeYong, Xun Hao
2020Design of a force-sensing human attachment point for an assistive shoulder deviceLeong, Lucas Jun Wei
2022Design of a new somatosensory stimulus delivery system to assess hand functionsTan, Cher Yang
2020Design of service robots for assistance in homesTan, Remmie Azmie
2022Development of a counter-UAV systemTang, Wen Yue
2022Development of an automatic self-balancing wheelbarrow AGVOng, Zhen Yu
2021Development of eye gaze system for object selection in cluttered environmentSin, Wei Zheng
2022Development of IoT application for smart plant management and irrigation for hydroponics systemChan, Yean Chi
2020End-to-end autonomous driving based on reinforcement learningBeh, Chun Jye
2022End-to-end autonomous driving based on reinforcement learningOng, Chee Wei
2020Enhanced user interface for the control of a deep tunnel robotic platformYong, Rui Sheng
2022Ergonomic solution for working at desksLim, Joshua Matthew Tze Han