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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20193D printing of high-volume fly ash mixtures for digital concrete constructionPanda, Biranchi
2022Application of near real time artificial intelligence on soldiers' helmet for military training and safetyLeow, Yuan Wei
2021Automated battery replacement mechanism for dronesYap, Amerric Zhong Yang
2022Design & development of a milk frotherNg, Jonathan Alex Jian Wei
2021Design and 3D printing of reconfigurable structuresTeo, Ee Hian
2020Design and development of a 2-DoF tilt-rotor quadcopterAng, Zheng Da
2022Design and fabrication of electronic housing for water filter membrane module via 3D printingJaw, Wei Qi
2020Design exploration of new cloth wringing techniques based on design thinking principles and human-centric approachPoh, Shao Kai
2022Design of modular hydroponic wall system for household urban farming using additive manufacturingGoh, Yin Xian
2020Design of shoes with adjustable high heel via mobile phoneChan, Nitro Tiao Guan
2022Development of 3D microscope for surface texture measurementSng, Bryan Zhe Yuan
2022Development of a counter-UAV systemTang, Wen Yue
2021Development of a speed warning device for micro-mobility devicesOh, Khee Wen
2023Development of an acoustic disruption (speech jammer) system using an electrostatic ultrasonic transducer arraySunilkumar Akshay
2020Development of an oil-free swing vane compressor with liquid refrigerant injectionHeng, Kim Rui
2020Development of automated noodle cooking machineMok, Jia Wei
2021Development of high strength and lightweight aluminum alloy and stainless-steel embedded aluminum alloy through an indirect extrusion processLing, Kai Xiang
2022Development of printable material with recycled glass for 3D concrete printingTing, Andrew Guan Heng
2021Development of tree tilt monitoring for tree fall risk mitigationTeh, Kai Sheng
2021The effect of customised plantar pressure accommodated 3D printed insoles on footwear cushioning during walkingSeet, Nicholas Wenhan