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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Asymmetrism and the magnitudes of welfare benefitsForcehimes, Andrew T.
2020A cautious defense of AI as moral machinesChuah, Fiona Wen Qian
2019Challenging the ugliness of beauty : beautification as an instrument of female agencyChong, Eunice Chin Hui
2022Diasporic Chinese boundaries and bonds revisited: an introduction to the special issue = 重新检阅离散华人的界线与连线: 特刊简述Yow, Cheun Hoe
2023Ethical awareness and engineering ethics educationPeng, Yuqi
2017Ethical theories and their applicationForcehimes, Andrew T.
2022Examining the moral obligation of healthcare workers through a Kantian lensTan, Carmen Tien Min
2015On L. W. Sumner’s “Normative ethics and metaethics”Forcehimes, Andrew T.
2019On moral education and the retribution dilemmaTeo, Marcus Tian Leng
2022Snip: tackling the uncertainties of female circumcision in SingaporeNur Nazurah Abdul Rahim
2023Stigma-making and narrative ethics in Singaporean cultural representations of HIV and AIDSHyder, Sophia
 2019Thinking through utilitarianism : a guide to contemporary argumentsForcehimes, Andrew T. ; Semrau, Luke
2017Value in very long livesGreene, Preston
2022Why fighting for animal rights isn't as ethically justifiable as we might thinkChuan, Darren De Ren
2022A Xunzian theory of moral cultivation: a critique of situationism and a reconstruction of the ethics in the XunziHu, Jianping
2020以现今的交友软体来探讨新加坡南大学生的“性爱观” = A study on dating apps and its relation to Nanyang Technological University students’ views on sex and love陈茄崴 Tan, Jordan Jia Wei