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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Beyond the television screen : Phua Chu Kang in the historical discourse of the speak good English movement 2000, SARS outbreak and the Singapore-Malaysia water disputeKoh, Phyllis Xing Yi
2021Discoursing Asia: the regional contemporary and historical fracture in Asian contemporary art symposia, 1997–2002Wee, C. J. Wan-Ling
2023Industrialisation and Chinese big business in colonial Singapore, Malaya, and China: the transnational enterprises of Lim Peng Siang (1904–41)Goh, Jeremy; Koh, Keng We
2021Investigating Singapore’s elite cinemas during World War IIJoseph, Fernandez Alex
2021Krishnamurti's case : child guardianship and sexuality in colonial IndiaTan, Fidellithy
2019Living with the dead as a way of life : a materialist historiographical approach to cemetery asceticism in Indian Buddhist monasticismsWitkowski, Nicholas
2020May Fourth at 100 in Singapore and Hong Kong: memorialization, localization, and negotiationvan Dongen, Els; Kenley, David
 2019Migration in the time of revolution : China, Indonesia, and the Cold WarZhou, Taomo
2023Of classrooms, camps and workplaces: youth experiences in Singapore during the Japanese occupationChong, Trina Wen Xiu
 2020The politics of pandemics in China since late imperial times : from religious practice to the emergency disciplinary stateFang, Xiaoping
2022Pottery of the colonial world: the study of European porcelain in Istana Kampong Gelam, Singapore (IKG)Sim, Sxuann Mei Xuan
 2019Revolusi, diplomasi, diaspora : Indonesia, Tiongkok, dan etnik Tionghoa, 1945-1967Zhou, Taomo
2022Scanning electron microscope analysis of 12th-16th century stoneware and porcelain in the archaeology of Singapore and Kota Cina in Sumatra, and its implicationsChi, Alasdair Xin Ren
2022Semi-archives and interim archives: a history of the National Wages Council in SingaporeLoh, Kah Seng; Goh, Jeremy
2021Singapore's heritage tourism : a study of an identity crisis when heritage sites meet tourism (1970-2000)Soon, Clarissa Wei Ru
2015Sustainability and Asiavan Dongen, Els; Liu, Hong
2021A tale of three : the KMT's promotion of the Chinese cultural renaissance movement in Australia, the USA and SingaporeTang, Timothy Xu Yang
2020Through colonial lens : karayuki-san in prewar SingaporeTay, Zi Han
2020Woman, gender and colonialism : debates on the ideal womanhood in Korean Society c. 1910-1945Ngm, Vivian Hui Ting
2020从《海峡华人杂志》看19世纪末至20世纪初 海峡华人的社会改革 = A study on the reformation of the Straits Chinese from late 19th to early 20th century through the Straits Chinese magazine黄慧莹 Wong, Hui Yen