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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2022510 not found: the reterritorialization of Sino-Southeast Asian relations in the Chinese hinterlandZhou, Taomo
2022Across the conceptual divide? Chinese migration policies seen through historical and comparative lensesvan Dongen, Els
2017After revolution : reading Rousseau in 1990s Chinavan Dongen, Els; Chang, Yuan
2022The Asian Film Archive and its methodologiesRaffaella Nathan Charles
 2023"Back to the Jungle": investigating rats, grass, scrub typhus, and plantations in Malaya, 1924 - 1974Greatrex, Jack Edward
2021Bad boys' toys : motorcycle subcultures and moral panics in Singapore, 1957-1985Chen, Joshua Yanrong
 2014Barefoot doctors and the provision of rural health careFang, Xiaoping
2019A barefoot doctor’s manual as a “medical bible” : medical politics and knowledge transmission in ChinaFang, Xiaoping
2023Batik and its representations: staging of resistance in 20th century colonial IndonesiaChua, Pei Shyuen
2020Between safe havens in cross-border insurgency: Malaysia, Thailand and the Second Emergency (1952–89)Ong, Wei Chong
2022Beyond a "newcomer" : the business history of Overseas Union Bank in Singapore, 1949-1999Quek, Emily Jia Min
2023Beyond borders: role of foreign IT firms in the computerization of Singapore from 1980–1990Teh, Jaryl Wei Han
2021Beyond mobility : consumption of the automobile and development of the automobile industry in Singapore, 1896-1980Lee, Bryant Han Wei
 2020Beyond national identity : Kuo Pao Kun’s contemporary theatre and an open cultureWee, C. J. Wan-Ling
2022Beyond spatial liminality : 'Chinese' student returnees in 1950s' Guangzhouvan Dongen, Els
 2022Bioarchaeological insights into disability: skeletal dysplasia from the Iron Age northern ChinaZhou, Yawei; Lu, Yiping; He, Jianing; Li, Ziyi; Zhang, Xiangyu; Zhang, Qun; Yeh, Hui-Yuan
2019Bodies and viruses : biomedicalizing hepatitis B in shaping South Korea's nationhoodPark, Hyung Wook
2018A Borneo healing romance: ritual storytelling and the Sugi Sakit, a Saribas Iban rite of healing, by Clifford SatherTulius, Juniator
2023Building trust through security: a comparative historical analysis on communist and Islamist terrorism in Singapore, 1968 - 2023Chen, Yee
 2021Cadre as informal diplomats: Ferdinand Marcos and the Soviet Bloc, 1965–1975Scalice, Joseph