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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20212019 新型冠状病毒病作为 "黄祸论" 的延续 :以世界卫生组织、 美国、中国与新加坡作为研究对象 = Covid-19 as a continuation of the “Yellow Peril Theory” in the context of World Health Organisation, United States of America, China and Singapore王悦琦 Ong, Sophia Geok Kee
202021世纪中国电影英雄的塑造 = The making of a 21st century China film hero佘曜丞 Seah, Walter Yao Chen
2023Assessing the effectiveness of using terminology bank in translating Chinese Medicine texts: a comparative studyKua, Baohe
2020A case study of human and machine translation of chapter 1 of 12 rules for lifeFu, Damien Bing Ye
2023An English translation of Kian Kok through the perspective of cultural turnTay, Vivian Hui Woon
2021Explore translation strategies for Chinese culture-loaded words based on 阿拉伯地理典籍中的中国(China in the Eyes of Arabic Geographic Works)Gao, Hulong
2021Exploring translation strategies for Chinese dialogue and buzzwords based on 星星上的花(The Flower on the Stars)Wan, Wenyi
2019Features of aspect marking in Singapore MandarinKhoo Yong Kang
 2015Imagining Malaya, practising multiculturalism : the Malayan consciousness of Singapore Chinese intellectuals in the 1950sQuah, Sy Ren
 2019Introduction : recent developments of conversation analysis in ChineseLim, Ni-Eng
2021The lure of diaspora : diaspora discourse, accented style, and sinophone Malaysian cultureHee, Wai Siam
2020Musicologist as translator : a case study on “The Classical Style: Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven”Huang, Clement Hanlei
2019On co-operative modalities in the formulation of Mandarin Chinese turn-continuationsLim, Ni-Eng
2021On WHO's standardisation of traditional Chinese medicine termsTan, Winnie Chee Ying
 2019Preliminaries to delicate matters : some functions of “I say to you” sequences in Mandarin Chinese conversationsLim, Ni-Eng
2020Retaining humour in the translation subtitles of films : a study of Gnomeo & JulietAng, Jennifer Poh Giok
2021Tourism translation : a case study using extracts from the book "one hundred of the world's unique museums (quan qiu 100 ge te se bo wu guan)"Chua, Hexun
2018Transferring Sinosphere knowledge to the public : James Summers (1828-91) as printer, editor and cataloguerKwan, Uganda Sze Pui
2021Translanguaging in translation as resistance : 《M40》by 谢裕民Ho, Zhi Hui
2023Translating oral histories: a podcastWong, Melissa Xin Yu