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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017The absurd, exile and the beginning of ethicsYong, Ade Wernmei
 2020The Angel TigerSherwood, Barrie
2023Archipelagic thinking in Merlinda Bobis’s Fish-Hair Woman corpusLee, Cheryl Julia
2019‘The art of being home’ : home and travel in Shirley Geok-lin Lim’s poetryBoey, Kim Cheng
2023Assessing the effectiveness of using terminology bank in translating Chinese Medicine texts: a comparative studyKua, Baohe
2020The broken bodies of language and history in Vyvyane Loh’s breaking the tongueLui, Karen Jia Yi
2020A case study of human and machine translation of chapter 1 of 12 rules for lifeFu, Damien Bing Ye
2023Chinese writing in English: nation, representation, and identity in Chinese immigrant writers' literature,1980-2020Lu, Qianting
 2014Colonial modernity and urban space : Naguib Mahfouz’s CairoScott, Bede
 2023The curious case of nomenclaturesTan, Ying Ying
2022Curriculum design of college students' English critical ability in the internet ageShen, Jie; Chen, Yukun; Lin, Jiaxin
2019Eating words and burning them : the power of destruction in medieval English charm textsHindley, Katherine Storm
2017English as a medium of instruction in Singapore higher educationBolton, Kingsley; Botha, Werner
2021Explore translation strategies for Chinese culture-loaded words based on 阿拉伯地理典籍中的中国(China in the Eyes of Arabic Geographic Works)Gao, Hulong
2022Exploring Singlish as a pedagogical resource in the ELT classroom: implementing bidialectal pedagogy in SingaporeLu, Luke
2021Exploring translation strategies for Chinese dialogue and buzzwords based on 星星上的花(The Flower on the Stars)Wan, Wenyi
2020From cultural void to horizon fusion : translator’s subjectivity exemplified in an anthology of Chinese discourse on translationLu, Jun Jun
2019Hippocrates the fool : faith and healing in Lovelich’s History of the Holy GrailHindley, Katherine Storm
2017Itinerant cinema and the moving image of modernism’s bordersRiordan, Kevin
 2018Jean Cocteau's around-the-world performanceRiordan, Kevin