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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023A case study on Of Mice and Men: a comparison of the censorship process in the translation of sensitive texts across decadesChua, Louis Mei Ting
2020The change in Singlish : investigating the effects of a changing language ecology on the Singlish lexicon through Singapore-produced mediaChew, Jorene Jo Ee
2023Cultural metaphors in SinglishLai, Yun-Sxin
2022The English-Chinese translation of the discourse marker use of 'actually': a parallel corpus approachChong, Wen Ching
2022Evaluations of patronising communication among Chinese Singaporeans: a study of interactions with older adults in a community-based digital learning contextToh, Cindy Sing Yee
2020Forward to the past : modernizing linguistic typology by returning to its rootsLaPolla, Randy J.
2020'Help! I have been Gong Tao-ed!' Exploring discourses surrounding siam diu culture in SingaporeGoh, Dominic Kai Xiang
2022An investigation of bilingual competence: translation of requests between Chinese and EnglishLee, Kai Wai
2019Learner interactions in face-to-face collaborative writing with the support of online resourcesHsieh, Yi-Chin 
2023Multimodal discourse analysis of the transcreation of advertisements in SingaporeLiu, Junru
2020Musicologist as translator : a case study on “The Classical Style: Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven”Huang, Clement Hanlei
2021The other mother tongues of Singaporean IndiansJain, Ritu
2022Stepping stones in the translation process for novice volunteer translatorsFong, Wai Yee
2022Study of the translation of tobacco product's packaging: translation strategies and potential issues in Chinese import & export tobacco productsZhang, Miaomiao
2022A study of the translations of Li Bai's Yuefu poemsCheng, Tadjudin Yu Yun