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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Accent and prejudiceTay, Athalie Yan Xin
2022The advantages and acceptability of locally accented AIToh, Christal Jing Ting
2020An analysis of accounts of depression on Reddit SingaporeKoh, Joey Xin Le
2022An analysis of colloquial Singapore English lah and its interpretation across speech actsLee, Junwen
2019The annotated lexicon of chinese emotion wordsNg, Bee Chin ; Cui, Can; Cavallaro, Francesco
 2019Arguments for seeing theme- rheme and topic-comment as separate functional structuresLaPolla, Randy J.
2023An audience reception study of subtitling Chinese cultural references: The Nation's Greatest Treasures as an exampleZhang, Quan
2022Building an enhanced resource for Indonesian sentiment analysisYosephine
2022Changing perceptions of Singlish in SingaporeYeo, Denise
2022The Chinese expansion and language coexistence in Modern ChinaLaPolla, Randy J.
2020Contexts and reasons for emoji usage of Chinese Singaporean university studentsLai, Priscilla Zi Ga
 2018Conventionalized politeness in Singapore Colloquial EnglishStadler, Stephanie
2019A corpus based analysis of -kan and -i in IndonesianChoi, Hannah Yun Jung
2021Covid-19 疫情时期民众评论中的语言使用特征 :以网络公众社交平台语料为例 = Study on characteristics of language use in comments during covid-19 : examples from online social media platforms周恩绮 Chew, Angelyn En Qi
2023Cultural metaphors in SinglishLai, Yun-Sxin
2020Disability and discourse analysis : looking at the purple paradeOng, Hannah Si Min
2020Does language turn you on? : Racial preferences and language attitudes among heterosexual and homosexual women in SingaporeLoh, Jaslyne Jia Ling
 2013Eastern Asia : Sino‐Tibetan linguistic historyLaPolla, Randy J.
2019The effect of biculturalism on executive functionsXie, Wenhan
2020The effect of language dominance on radical awareness and statistical learning in Singaporean Chinese bilingualsTan, Jun Yi