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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20211980 年代中国抒情小说研究 = A study on Chinese lyrical fictions in Mainland China in the 1980s李云飞 = Li, Yunfei
2023Chinese writing in English: nation, representation, and identity in Chinese immigrant writers' literature,1980-2020Lu, Qianting
2020A contrastive study on two Chinese versions of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer in light of the skopos theorySun, Ran
2020From cultural void to horizon fusion : translator’s subjectivity exemplified in an anthology of Chinese discourse on translationLu, Jun Jun
2020Telling the Chinese story through the English translation of web literature : A Study of River of TimeSiow, Xin Yi
2022Translating culture-specific and genre specific terms in martial arts fiction from the perspective of reception aesthetics: a case study of KunlunPhang, Su Xin
2021一首 "长恨" "长" 又 "恨" :《长恨歌》作为 "新乐府" 的解读 = The eternalised hatred of ‘The Song of Everlasting Hatred’ : from the perspective of the ‘YueFu’ movement曾思慧 Chew, Si Hui
 2020东南亚冷战时期的美国势力 :从亚洲基金会档案看新马的《学生周报》(1954-1965) = The American forces during Southeast Asia cold war : a case Study of Singapore & Malaya’s “Student Weekly” (1954–1965) from the perspective of the archives of the Asia Foundation严靖怡 Yam, Chiang Yee
2020中国改编神话题材动画电影的策略与影响 :以<西游记之大圣归来> 与 <哪吒之魔童降世> 为例 = The strategy and influences of China’s animated films mythological adaptation – using examples of Monkey King : Hero is back and Ne Zha : I am the destiny张绍华 Zhang, Shaohua
2020中国耽美剧中性别平等的想象 :以《上瘾》为个案研究 = The desire of gender equality from Boys’ Love drama in mainland China : a case study of “Addiction”方心盈 Fong, Averyl Xin Ying
2020中晚唐詩歌“學問化”研究 :從類書與“類”的觀念切入= The “erudite” tendency in Middle and Late Tang poetry (760s-870s CE) : from the perspectives of category-books (Leishu) and the concept of "category"王治田 Wang, Zhitian
2021为承认而斗争 :林晨剧作中的庶民群像 = Subaltern study of Lin Chen's plays黄柔敏 Ng, Jou Min
2021主流中的边缘人﹕从《谁先爱上他的》看华人社会中的同妻形象 = Mainstream outsider : a study of the image of “Tongqi”(Gay Man’s Wife) in Chinese society in Dear Ex林佳敏 Lim, Jasmine
2020九十年代香港城市书写 :以董启章《繁胜录》为例 = Narrating Hong Kong in 1990s : a case study of Dung Kai-Cheung’s visible city李佳文 Li, Jiawen
2022《习近平谈治国理政》的贫困治理思想 = An analysis of the anti-poverty thoughts in Xi Jinping's The Governance of China林宇思 Lin, David Yu Si
2020从《别告诉她》和《狗十三》探讨成长小说的代沟和个人与集体对立的主题 = An exploration on the themes of generational divide and individualism versus collectivism via coming-of-age films such as The Farewell and Einstein and Einstein卓敏仪 Toh, Felicia Ming Yee
2022从《白蛇传》改编中蛇妖形象的演变解读历代女性意识流变与转向 = Interpretation of the evolution and turning of female consciousness from the evolution of female characters in the adaptation of "The Legend of the White Snake"严思莹 Yan, Siying
2020从吴明益《复眼人》看自然书写 = Nature writing in Wu Ming-Yi's the man with the compound eyes云嘉慧 Hoon, Jacinda Jia Hui
2022从地方到星球:熊亮绘本创作中的生态意识 = A study of ecological consciousness in Xiong Liang's picturebook creations刘憶萱 Lew, Yi Xuan
2022从女性视角重审新加坡中华古典文学教育 :以新加坡南洋女子中学为个案研究 = The female perspective in classical Chinese literature education : a case study on Nanyang Girls' High School王振湧 Ong, Bennett Zhen Yong