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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20221949 年以前中国儿童文学观发展变化之童话实践研究 = Study on the literary practice of China's fairy tales with the development of China's children literature view before 1949s郑颖欢 Tee, Ying Huan
2020After the fall (dirges among ruins) and bahau quilt : confessing and unweaving the selfValles, Eric Francis Tinsay
 2021Becoming foreign in the Victorian novel: international migration in Little Dorrit and VilletteWagner, Tamara Silvia
2021Being family, doing family : inquiring the discourse of family in Singapore literatureTan, Geraldine Le Ting
2023Besok ada di kolong Jembatan, di tepi Bengawan, antara Antah Berantah: the place of otherness in the dramatic literature of New Order Indonesia (1966-1986)Lee, Isaiah Christopher Xin En
2019“Celticism, ballad transmission, and the schizoid voice : Ossianic fragments in Owenson, Yeats, Joyce, and Beckett”Barlow, Richard
2020A cinematic reconsideration of Malay identity through a slice of Hikayat film cultureMuhammad Zhafri Abdul Rahman
2020The contemporary turn in Hanoi, Vietnam, 1989-2002 : Vu Dan Tan, Nguyen Van Cuong, Salon Natasha, and doi moi-in-artLenzi, Iola Gllian Louise
2023The dance to abstraction: Wayang, dance and the aesthetics of interartistic exchange in the abstract paintings of Bagong Kussudiardja 1980-2000Lee, Isaiah Christopher Xin En
2022Dignity, voice, and the terminal sick role within pediatric illness narratives about death and dyingChua, Ivy Chin Ing
 2021A dissenting voice: the politics of Han Suyin’s literary activities in late colonial and postcolonial Malaya and SingaporeZhang, Ina
2023Exploring creative treason in English translated Danmei literature: a study of Living to Suffer and Till Death Do Us PartMa, Jiahua
2022"The extension of our sympathies": George Eliot and her readers in Middlemarch and Daniel DerondaWilcox, Emma Louise
2021Fictional representations of time in narrativeHo, Jia Xuan
2020Fire in the iron horse : trains in British literature 1848-1906Wee, Steffi Heloise
2021A gate of dragon's teeth : a decolonial approach to writing precolonial historical fiction in SingaporeNg, Yi-Sheng
2022Greener Valleys: a novellaLow, Eunice Soe Ching
2021Hidden culture : excavating Singapore's past through the bookworm short stories, 1985–1995Lim, Rebekah Jia Yi
2019The hidden miraculous : an esoteric reading of yeats', Rilke's and Gore-booth's poetryChen, Zoea Tania Jinyan
2020The "I" in I Love YouZheng, Michelle Huixuan