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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Accessing problems in predictive policing in the USLim, Xinhui
2015Accommodating autistics and treating autism : can we have both?Lim, Chong-Ming
2023Accommodating the plural nature of disadvantage in Rawls' framework of justice as fairnessTan, Stefanie Kai Ying
2021An account of spontaneity in the ZhuangziNord-Bronzyk, Alexa
2021Actualism without actionsRelador, Jean Aldrin Concepcion
2020Adopting a sustainable approach in fast fashion corporations using the Rawlsian social contract theoryToh, Qian Hui
2023Affirmative action: is it unjustified? A case of Singapore's reserved presidential electionLim, Cherrie Yi Xuan
2023AI as a legitimate companionTan, Vanessa Yi Jun
2023Animal welfare science and moral theory: social relational framework of empathetic accountability and welfare-aligned sentienceLeo, Celine
2021Are we no different from psychopaths?Wong, Pearline Young Yin
2019The argument from variation against using one’s own intuitions as evidenceGoh, Esther
2019Assessing racism in Singapore : replacing Singapore's customary focus on intentionality with a focus on impactsLee, Lavelle Wen Ning
2023An assessment of the moral permissibility of medical assistance in death through an act-utilitarian perspectiveYow, Rachael
 2021Attitudinal strength as distance to withholdingForcehimes, Andrew T. 
2021Belief-justification of intuition-based beliefsChen, Yi
2021The benefits of being moralTan, Dion Shi Han
2023Beyond parental sovereignty: rethinking public policy on children's rights in SingaporeNg, Ace Kian Yong
2019Bu ren 不忍 (Cannot bear to harm) in the MenciusSung, Winnie
2022Can AI influencers be ethically designed and implemented?Toh, Zhongyan
2021Can virtue contextualism resolve the Gettier problem?Du, Racher Jiaqi