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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Automatic Robot Taping: Auto-Path Planning and ManipulationYuan, Qilong; Lembono, Teguh Santoso; Zou, Yuhua; Chen, I-Ming
2015Automatic Robot Taping: System IntegrationLembono, Teguh Santoso; Yuan, Qilong; Zou, Yuhua; Chen, I-Ming
2015Badminton shuttlecock stability : modelling and simulating the angular response of the turnoverLin, Calvin Shenghuai; Chua, Chee Kai; Yeo, Joon Hock
 2015Binary metal sulfides and polypyrrole on vertically aligned carbon nanotube arrays/carbon fiber paper as high-performance electrodesCai, Xiaoyi; Reinack, Varghese Hansen; Zhang, Lili; Li, Baosheng; Poh, Chee Kok; Lim, San Hua; Chen, Luwei; Yang, Jinglei; Lai, Linfei; Lin, Jianyi; Shen, Zexiang
 2013Biomechanical evaluation of endodontic post-restored teeth-finite element analysisSu, Kuo-Chih; Chang, Chih-Han; Chuang, Shu-Fen; Ng, Eddie Yin-Kwee
 2013Collective effects on thermophoresis of colloids : a microfluidic study within the framework of DLVO theoryZhao, Yugang; Zhao, Cunlu; He, Jinhua; Zhou, Yi; Yang, Chun
2013The design and control of a bipedal robot with sensory feedbackWee, Teck-Chew; Astolfi, Alessandro; Ming, Xie
2016Development and Testing of a Magnetically Actuated Capsule Endoscopy for Obesity TreatmentDo, Thanh Nho; Seah, Tian En Timothy; Yu, Ho Khek; Phee, Soo Jay
2016Development of high-sensitive, reproducible colloidal surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy active substrate using silver nanocubes for potential biosensing applicationsMatham, Murukeshan Vadakke; Hasna, Kudilatt; Lakshmi, Kiran; Ezhuthachan Jayaraj, Madambi Kunjukuttan; Kumar, Kumaran Rajeev
 2011The development of silk fibroin scaffolds using an indirect rapid prototyping approach : morphological analysis and cell growth monitoring by spectral-domain optical coherence tomographyChou, Siaw Meng; Liu, M. J. J.; Chua, C. K.; Tay, B. C. M.; Ng, B. K.
2012Development of the trailing shear layer in a starting jet during pinch-offGao, L.; Yu, S. C. M.
2015Drag Reduction of a Turbulent Boundary Layer over an Oscillating Wall and Its Variation with Reynolds NumberSkote, Martin; Mishra, Maneesh; Wu, Yanhua
 2013The effect of dentinal fluid flow during loading in various directions - simulation of fluid- structure interactionSu, Kuo-Chih; Chang, Chih-Han; Chuang, Shu-Fen; Ng, Eddie Yin-Kwee
2015Effect of Workpiece Orientation, Lubrication and Media Geometry on the Effectiveness of Vibratory Finishing of Al6061Srivastava, Sarthak; Qin, Chua Zhen; Castagne, Sylvie
2016Effects of leading-edge tubercles on wing flutter speedsNew, Tze How; Palacios, R.; Ng, Bing Feng
 2012The effects of overall robot shape on the emotions invoked in users and the perceived personalities of robotHwang, Jihong; Park, Taezoon; Hwang, Wonil
2016Exergy Analysis of the Revolving Vane Compressed Air EngineSubiantoro, Alison; Wong, Kin Keong; Ooi, Kim Tiow
2013Formation, growth and instability of vortex pairs in an axisymmetric stagnation flowWang, Jinjun; Pan, Chong; Choi, Kwing-So; Gao, Lei; Lian, Qi-Xiang
2016A four-dimensional snapshot hyperspectral video-endoscope for bio-imaging applicationsLim, Hoong-Ta; Matham, Murukeshan Vadakke
2016Individual speckle diffraction based 1D and 2D Random Grating Fabrication for detector and solar energy harvesting applicationsBingi, Jayachandra; Murukeshan, Vadakke Matham