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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Al-Fatihin: Islamic State's first Malay language newspaperSingh, Jasminder; Muhammad Haziq Jani
2016Banning of ISIS’ Al-Fatihin: Is this Enough?Mohamed Ali
2015China's maritime Silk Road: the politics of routesChan, Irene
2011Could Syria be next? Protests by Arab internet bloggersZulkifli Bin Mohamed Sultan
2016Countering ISIS ideological threat: reclaim Islam's intellectual traditionsMohamed Ali
2016Deep web: the "dark" side of ISShahzeb Ali Rathore
2019The Easter Sunday Attacks : Struggle for the Soul of Sri Lankan MuslimsRamakrishna, Kumar
2015Fighting Islamic State: Getting Down To Root CausesMichael Dorsey, James
2016Fighting Militants in Pakistan: Who Is In Charge?James, Michael Dorsey
2016Forced migration: some sobering realitiesCaballero-Anthony, Mely
2012Iran's nuclear conundrum: Israel's strategic optionsRaska, Michael
2020IS Resilience in Southeast Asia?Singh, Jasminder
2016IS Threat in South Asia: A Growing RealityAbdul Basit
2015ISIS in Horn of Africa: An Imminent Alliance with Al-Shabaab?Syed Huzaifah Bin Othman Alkaff; Nur Aziemah Binte Azman
2015Islamic State: Breeding a New Generation of JihadistsSyed Huzaifah bin Othman Alkaff
2016Jakarta’s 2017 Gubernatorial Elections: More Than Just PoliticsSatrio Dwicahyo; Chen, Jonathan
2016Jihadist Disengagement from Violence: Understanding Contributing FactorsHwang, Julie Chernov
2016Lone wolf terrorism: does it exist in Indonesia?Chaula Rininta Anindya
2020The Medan Suicide Attack : Enablers of RadicalismRahmah, Unaesah
2014Middle East Conflict: Need for Credible MediatorMichael Dorsey, James