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 2021Are parents doing it right? Parent and child perspectives on parental mediation in SingaporeLwin, May Oo; Panchapakesan, Chitra; Teresa, Jaishree; Cayabyab, Ysa Marie; Shin, Wonsun
2022Being a parent during COVID-19: risk for psychological distress in the United States and ItalyLai, Jocelyn; Pham, Phoebe T.; Bate, Jordan; Prout, Tracy A.; Carollo, Alessandro; Setoh, Peipei; Esposito, Gianluca; Borelli, Jessica L.
 2018Cross-cultural perspectives on parent-infant interactionsBornstein, Marc H.; Esposito, Gianluca
 2022Examining a conceptual model of maternal and paternal warmth, emotion regulation and social competence among preadolescent children in MalaysiaGan, Su-Wan; Tan, Jo-Pei; Ang, Chin-Siang; Cheah, Charissa S. L.; Yaacob, Siti Nor; Abu Talib, Mansor
2022From the cradle to the web: the growth of “Sharenting”— a scientometric perspectiveCataldo, Ilaria; Lieu, An An; Carollo, Alessandro; Bornstein, Marc H.; Gabrieli, Giulio; Lee, Albert; Esposito, Gianluca
2019Inaudible components of the human infant cry influence haemodynamic responses in the breast region of mothersDoi, Hirokazu; Sulpizio, Simone; Esposito, Gianluca; Katou, Masahiro; Nishina, Emi; Iriguchi, Mayuko; Honda, Manabu; Oohashi, Tsutomu; Bornstein, Marc H; Shinohara, Kazuyuki
2019Infant behaviors and maternal parenting practices : short-term reliability assessmentsBornstein, Marc H.; Hahn, Chun-Shin; Putnick, Diane L.; Esposito, Gianluca
2019Parenting and infant cryEsposito, Gianluca; Bornstein, Marc H.
2019Parenting by lying in childhood is associated with negative developmental outcomes in adulthoodSetoh, Peipei; Zhao, Siqi; Santos, Rachel; Heyman, Gail D.; Lee, Kang
2023Physical discipline as a normative childhood experience in SingaporeSudo, Mioko; Won, Ying Qing; Chau, Winnie W. Y.; Meaney, Michael J.; Kee, Michelle Z. L.; Chen, Helen; Eriksson, Johan Gunnar; Yap, Fabian; Rifkin-Graboi, Anne; Tiemeier, Henning; Setoh, Peipei
2020Stabilities of infant behaviors and maternal responses to themBornstein, Marc H.; Putnick, Diane L.; Hahn, Chun-Shin; Tamis-LeMonda, Catherine S.; Esposito, Gianluca