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2020Acute effects of home-based square stepping exercise on balance and walking speed in young adultsOh, Ivan Teng Fong
2023Cerebrocerebellar functional connectivity in reading networks for bilingualsChua, Serena Wei Ting
2020The claustrum is a highway not a hub : organizing principles of claustrocortical synaptic transmissionChia, Zach Zhi Qi
2022Compositional task representations in the mouse cortex for multi-taskingKee, Kai Xiang
2020Define the functional organization of cerebellar output circuits that control cognitive behaviorTan, Shaun
2020Dendritic morphology in the medial amygdala of adult male mice is unaffected by testosterone presenceSharma, Loveena
2018Dopamine D2 receptor-mediated circuit from the central amygdala to the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis regulates impulsive behaviorKim, Bokyeong; Yoon, Sehyoun; Nakajima, Ryuichi; Lee, Hyo Jin; Lim, Hee Jeong; Lee, Yeon-Kyung; Choi, June-Seek; Yoon, Bong-June; Augustine, George James; Baik, Ja-Hyun
2023Exploring diffusion imaging as a predictor of anxiety disordersLiauw, Claudia Yong Tong
2018Identifying genes in Parkinson’s disease : state of the artChew, Elaine Guo Yan; Foo, Jia Nee; Tan, Eng-King
2022Nuclear omics of mouse forebrain excitatory neurons in pilocarpine-induced seizuresSoon, Hui Rong
2022Object discrimination and reversal learning in babies in the age group of 18-24 months old in dyadic interactionsPrithviraj, Ray
2021Parasitic behavioural manipulation reflected as an extended epigenotype in a naturalistic populationNgo, Philip Yun Xuan
2019Precision oncology : oncogenic stat3 signalling in brain tumoursTan, Melanie Si Yan
2021Serotonergic modulation of the claustrumWong, Kelly Li Lin
2021Topological zones define basolateral amygdala synaptic input and functional organization of the claustrumHam, Gao Xiang