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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20203D double network (DN) hydrogel-based metastasis tumour modelYew, Eugene Jin
2021A 3D fiber-hydrogel based non-viral gene delivery platform reveals that microRNAs promote axon regeneration and enhance functional recovery following spinal cord injuryZhang, Na; Lin, Junquan; Lin, Vincent Po Hen; Milbreta, Ulla; Chin, Jiah Shin; Chew, Elaine Guo Yan; Lian, Michelle Mulan; Foo, Jia Nee; Zhang, Kunyu; Wu, Wutian; Chew, Sing Yian
 2020Actin cytoskeleton regulation in plant innate immunityHe, Sun
2019Adaptation of Plasmodium falciparum in human RBC supplemented NSG miceChew, Marvin
2020Adaptor protein WDFY3 is neuroprotective by counteracting age-dependent decline in proteostasisFun, Xiu Hui
2021Age-dependent transcriptional and epigenetic alterations in mouse hepatocytesSharma, Ankur
2021Alternative splicing in human myeloid cell differentiation and leukaemiaLim, Kai Yi
2021Analysis of disease-state specific variance in the peripheral blood of rheumatoid arthritis patientsMishra, Kunal
2020Applications of molecular dynamics simulation in biomolecular folding and recognitionNg, Justin Tze Yang
2021Approaches to identify and characterise the post-transcriptional roles of lncRNAs in cancerCarter, Jean-Michel; Ang, Daniel Aron; Sim, Nicholas; Budiman, Andrea; Li, Yinghui
2023Aβ-mediated nuclear pore complex dysfunction in a mouse model of alzheimer's diseaseVibhavari, Bansal
2019Capsid integrity qPCR—an Azo-dye based and culture-independent approach to estimate adenovirus infectivity after disinfection and in the aquatic environmentLeifels, Mats; Shoults, David; Wiedemeyer, Alyssa; Ashbolt, Nicholas J.; Sozzi, Emanuele; Hagemeier, Angela; Jurzik, Lars
2021Cellular electron tomographic analysis of heterochromatinChan, Harvey Yin Seng
2022Chaperone-mediated formation of shell-like TDP-43 condensatesKong, Jian Hua
2022Characterisation and functional study of activation function 1 (AF-1) of progesterone receptor in mouse modelLee, Shi Hao
2023Characterisation of medicinal herbs used in traditional medicine in South East Asia, and their effects on colorectal cancerManoj, Vaishnervi
2022Characterisation of p52-regulated lncRNAs in multiple MyelomaYei, Xi
2022Chemoresistance and metastasis in colorectal cancerWong, Stephen Qi Rong
2020Chromatin structuring factor HMGA2 controls subtelomere stability and cancer chemosensitivitySyed Moiz Ahmed
2022Coacervates derived from mussel foot proteinsGuo, Qi