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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Anti-Mycobacterium abscessus activity of tuberculosis F-ATP synthase inhibitor GaMF1Ragunathan, Priya; Dick, Thomas; Grüber, Gerhard
2023Biodegradable synthetic macromolecules as anticancer therapeuticsTay, Joyce Jia Xin
2023Biological evaluation of synthetic aminoglycans as potential antimicrobial and protein delivery agentsZhang, Xiaolin
2018Cancer-targeted design of bioresponsive prodrug with enhanced cellular uptake to achieve precise cancer therapyLiang, Yuanwei; Huang, Wei; Zeng, Delong; Huang, Xiaoting; Chan, Leung; Mei, Chaoming; Feng, Pengju; Tan, Choon-Hong; Chen, Tianfeng
2021Catalytic properties of human apurinic/apyrimidinic endonuclease 1 (APE1) and development of biosensors of APE1 in living cellsWang, Tianxiang
 2022Cell-specific metabolic reprogramming of tumors for bioactivatable ferroptosis therapyLi, Yanan; Li, Menghuan; Liu, Li; Xue, Chencheng; Fei, Yang; Wang, Xuan; Zhang, Yuchen; Cai, Kaiyong; Zhao, Yanli; Luo, Zhong
2023Chemical basis of combination therapy to combat antibiotic resistanceSi, Zhangyong; Pethe, Kevin; Chan-Park, Mary B.
2022Chemoenzymatic probes reveal peptidoglycan recognition and uptake mechanisms in Candida albicansLi, Lanxin; Ng, Allan Wee Ren; Adamson, Christopher; Hayashi, Hirohito; Li, Chenyu; Lim, Huiyi; Qiao, Yuan
2021Construction of a G-quadruplex-specific DNA endonucleaseDang, Dung Thanh; Nguyen, Le Tuan Anh; Truong, Tuom Tinh Thi; Nguyen, Hoang Duc; Phan, Anh Tuân
2020Cyclization of a G4-specific peptide enhances its stability and G-quadruplex binding affinityNgo, Khac Huy; Yang, Renliang; Das, Poulomi; Nguyen, Giang Kien Truc; Lim, Kah Wai; Tam, James P.; Wu, Bin; Phan, Anh Tuân
2023Development of metal/ metal oxide electrocatalysts for expediting renewable hydrogen generationSui, Nicole L. D.; Lee, Jong-Min
2022Development of self-assembled supramolecular dendritic DNA hydrogel for 3D cell culture platformLiyarita, Bella Rosa
2020Development of small-molecule reporters for fluorescence imaging of enzymes function and applicationCheong, Haolun
2022Discovering the permeation through the outer membrane of gram-negative bacteria using molecular dynamics simulationsDeylami, Javad
 2022Disruption of dual homeostasis by a metal-organic framework nanoreactor for ferroptosis-based immunotherapy of tumorZhang, Kai; Ma, Zhaoyu; Li, Shuting; Wu, Yang; Zhang, Jin; Zhang, Weiyun; Zhao, Yanli; Han, Heyou
2021Dual inhibition of the terminal oxidases eradicates antibiotic-tolerant Mycobacterium tuberculosisLee, Bei Shi; Hards, Kiel; Engelhart, Curtis A.; Hasenoehrl, Erik J.; Kalia, Nitin Pal; Mackenzie, Jared S.; Sviriaeva, Ekaterina; Chong, Sherilyn Shi Min; Manimekalai, Malathy Sony S.; Koh, Vanessa H.; Chan, John; Xu, Jiayong; Alonso, Sylvie; Miller, Marvin J.; Steyn, Adrie J. C.; Grüber, Gerhard; Schnappinger, Dirk; Berney, Michael; Cook, Gregory M.; Moraski, Garrett C.; Pethe, Kevin
2021Effect of hydrophobicity and charge separation on the antifouling properties of surface-tethered zwitterionic peptidesLi, Chuanxi; Li, Minglun; Qi, Wei; Su, Rongxin; Yu, Jing
 2020The effect of particle initial charge on minimum pickup velocity (Upu) in pneumatic conveyingZhao, Ya; Dahiphale, Shubham; Tan, Yong Zen; Wang, Chi-Hwa; Chew, Jia Wei
 2018Extracellular vesicle directed exogenous ion channel transport for precise manipulation of biological eventsLyu, Linna; Hu, Ming; Fu, Afu; Xing, Bengang
 2020Extraspecific manifestation of nanoheater's position effect on distinctive cellular photothermal responsesCong, Thang Do; Wang, Zhimin; Hu, Ming; Han, Qinyu; Xing, Bengang