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2022Accurate simulation of spectroscopic signatures of cavity-assisted, conical-intersection-controlled singlet fission processesSun, Kewei; Gelin, Maxim F.; Zhao, Yang
2021Direct observation of the ultrafast dynamics of ionized biomolecules in aqueous solutionMuhammad Shafiq Mohd Yusof
2022Dynamics of disordered Tavis-Cummings and Holstein-Tavis-Cummings modelsSun, Kewei; Dou, Cunzhi; Gelin, Maxim F.; Zhao, Yang
2022Emergence of ligand-to-metal charge transfer in homogeneous photocatalysis and photosensitizationLi, Chenfei; Kong, Xin Ying; Tan, Zheng Hao; Yang, Crystal Ting; Soo, Han Sen
2022Engineering cavity singlet fission in rubreneSun, Kewei; Gelin, Maxim F.; Zhao, Yang
2023Exciton dynamics and time-resolved fluorescence in nanocavity-integrated monolayers of transition-metal dichalcogenidesSun, Kewei; Shen, Kaijun; Gelin, Maxim F.; Zhao, Yang
2019Fullerene nanopottery : shaping and interconnecting hollow nanostructuresHan, Fei
2016Green stimulated emission boosted by nonradiative resonant energy transfer from blue quantum dotsGao, Yuan; Yu, Guannan; Wang, Yue; Dang, Cuong; Sum, Tze Chien; Sun, Handong; Demir, Hilmi Volkan
2022The hierarchy of Davydov's Ansaetze and its applicationsZhao, Yang; Sun, Kewei; Chen, Lipeng; Gelin, Maxim
2023The hierarchy of Davydov’s Ansätze: from guesswork to numerically “exact” many-body wave functionsZhao, Yang
2021Lamb shift and the vacuum Rabi splitting in a strongly dissipative environmentYan, Yiying; Ergogo, Tadele T.; Lü, Zhiguo; Chen, Lipeng; Luo, Jun Yan; Zhao, Yang
2022Plenty of room on the top: pathways and spectroscopic signatures of singlet fission from upper singlet statesBai, Yiting; Ni, Wenjun; Sun, Kewei; Chen, Lipeng; Ma, Lin; Zhao, Yang; Gurzadyan, Gagik G.; Gelin, Maxim F.
2022Simulation of emission spectra of transition metal dichalcogenide monolayers with the multimode brownian oscillator modelShen, Kaijun; Sun, Kewei; Zhao, Yang
2021Studies of ultrafast photocarrier dynamics in spatially heterogeneous transition metal dichalcogenides using time-resolved photoemission electron microscopyXu, Ce
2022Study of lanthanides nanocrystals as heterogeneous catalystLee, Ming Da
2020Surface modification of hematite photoanodes with CeOx cocatalyst for improved photoelectrochemical water oxidation kineticsAhmed, Mahmoud Gamal; Zhang, Mengyuan; Tay, Ying Fan; Chiam, Sing Yang; Wong, Lydia Helena
2023Ultrafast electronic relaxation dynamics of atomically thin MoS₂ is accelerated by wrinklingXu, Ce; Zhou, Guoqing; Alexeev, Evgeny M.; Cadore, Alisson R.; Paradisanos, Ioannis; Ott, Anna K.; Soavi, Giancarlo; Tongay, Sefaattin; Cerullo, Giulio; Ferrari, Andrea C.; Prezhdo, Oleg V.; Loh, Zhi-Heng
2022Understanding the interface constitution of a substrate/coating system deposited by cathodic magnetron sputtering HiPIMSChabanon, Angelique Annie