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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Algebraic groups and their tangent spacesKua, Manzu Hao Yan
2019Applications of algebra and algebraic number theory in combinatoricsDo Duc, Tai
2021Commutative algebra and algebraic varietiesTan, Zhi Hong
2020Construction and classification of group invariant Butson Hadamard matricesWong, Dai Quan
 2021Constructions of optimal binary locally recoverable codes via a general construction of linear codesLuo, Gaojun; Cao, Xiwang
 2022Generalized negacyclic codes over finite fieldsJitman, Somphong; Ling, San; Tharnnukhroh, Jareena
2020Gröbner Basis with applicationsZhang, Eric Boyuan
2023Interpretable vector language modelsEng, Jing Keat
2020Linear codes over F4R and their MacWilliams identityBenbelkacem, Nasreddine; Ezerman, Martianus Frederic; Abualrub, Taher
2023Modules and homological algebraYu, Yong Wei
 2019Multidimensional quasi-twisted codes : equivalent characterizations and their relation to multidimensional convolutional codesLing, San ; Özkaya, Buket
 2021A new family of EAQMDS codes constructed from constacyclic codesChen, Xiaojing; Zhu, Shixin; Jiang, Wan; Luo, Gaojun
2022On constacyclic codes and their generalizationsTharnnukhroh, Jareena
2021Perfect quantum state transfer on Cayley graphs over semi-dihedral groupsLuo, Gaojun; Cao, Xiwang; Wang, Dandan; Wu, Xia
2021A quadratic form approach to Construction A of lattices over cyclic algebrasBerhuy, Grégory; Oggier, Frédérique
2022Several classes of permutation polynomials of the form (xpm − x + δ)s + x over Fp2mXu, Guangkui; Luo, Gaojun; Cao, Xiwang
2021Understanding simple module of some group algebras and path algebrasAw, Wee Chong
2023Valued fields: p-adic numbers as a case studySong, Ruiqi