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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20203D Chromosome Modelling with Hi-C dataKoh, Qi Cheng
2020Application of dynamic programming in the minimal superpermutation problemOng, Linus Hong Jun
2021A boundary element and radial basis function method for the Cattaneo–Vernotte equation in anisotropic media with spatially varying and temperature dependent propertiesAng, Whye Teong
2022Data driven and learning based approaches for integrated landside airside operations optimizationAli, Hasnain
2023Differential privacy and membership inference attacksOng, Ting Yu
2019Disruption risk mitigation in supply chains : the risk exposure index revisitedGao, Sarah Yini; Simchi-Levi, David; Teo, Chung Piaw; Yan, Zhenzhen
2021Exploring machine learning methods on molecular dataTan, Chen Hui
2021High-accuracy numerical solver for the Eikonal equationGuo, Jin Long
2022Integrated airside landside framework to assess passenger missed connections with airport departure meteringAli, Hasnain; Pham, Duc-Thinh ; Alam, Sameer ; Schultz, Michael
2023Mathematical analysis of electrical resistivity tomographySim, Zheng Xian
2022Network analysis applied to study works of fictionToh, De Xun
2022Non-asymptotic bounds for modified tamed unadjusted Langevin algorithm in non-convex settingNg, Matthew Cheng En
2023Pricing in a duopoly market using a representative consumer modelMoo, Zi Hao
2023Quantum-enhanced stochastic analysisChang, Derek Ding Cong
2022A reformulation of additive modelsWozniakowski, Alex
2020Security analysis of NTRUSee, Fen Fei
2022Simulation tool for learning signals and systems theory - part ATay, Pang Hing