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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022An affective BCI system with music in an immersive environmentKhendry, Nishka
2019Antibacterial hydrogels for managing wound infectionsYeo, Chun Kiat
 2021Boron nitride nanosheets can induce water channels across lipid bilayers leading to lysosomal permeabilizationLucherelli, Matteo Andrea; Qian, Xuliang; Weston, Paula; Eredia, Matilde; Zhu, Wenpeng; Samorì, Paolo; Gao, Huajian; Bianco, Alberto; von dem Bussche, Annette
2023Cable-driven underactuated wearable robotic devices for hand assistanceBernardo, Alexandre Pinto Sales de Noronha
2022Development of advanced artificial intelligence techniques for the detection of myocardial infarction ECG signals in clinical settingsJahmunah, V.
2020Development of an automated cell culture monitoring image analysis algorithmMuhammad Ali Saifuddin Othman
2022The discovery of novel biomarkers using multivariate modelling in major depressive disorderSimrita Janakiraman
2020Fabrication of Methacrylated-Chitosan based nanolipogel for siRNA deliveryLu, Yichen
2023Improvement of depth-sensitive optical spectroscopy and imaging with wavefront shaping and radiofrequency taggingHsieh, Chao-Mao
2022Investigations into light-matter interaction in photonic random media for imaging applicationsGayathri Radhakrishnan
2020A materials perspective on the design of damage-resilient bone implants through additive/advanced manufacturingLe Ferrand, Hortense; Athanasiou, Christos E.
2021Microfluidics (NanoAssemblr©) as a potential platform for nanocarrier formationLim, Shaun Wen Zheng
2019Passive and active strategies for transdermal drug delivery with nanotechnology and temporal pressureLio, Daniel Chin Shiuan
2019Resolving the molecular complexity of brain tumors through machine learning approaches for precision medicineSandanaraj, Edwin
2022Squid suckerin-spider silk fusion protein hydrogel for secretome delivery to chronic woundsKoh, Kenrick Yee Hong
2021Structural regulation of myocytes in engineered healthy and diseased cardiac modelsYu, Jing; Cai, Pingqiang; Chen, Xiaodong
2019Synthesis and application of peptidoglycan oligomers as metabolic labeling agents for bacteriaHe, Jingxi