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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Active noise control based on the momentum multichannel normalized filtered-x least mean square algorithmShi, Dongyuan; Gan, Woon-Seng; Lam, Bhan; Wen, Shulin; Shen, Xiaoyi
2023Anti-noise window: subjective perception of active noise reduction and effect of informational maskingLam, Bhan ; Lim, Kelvin Chee Quan; Ooi, Kenneth; Ong, Zhen-Ting; Shi, Dongyuan ; Gan Woon-Seng 
2023ARAUSv2: an expanded dataset and multimodal models of affective responses to augmented urban soundscapesOoi, Kenneth; Ong, Zhen-Ting; Lam, Bhan; Wong, Trevor; Gan, Woon-Seng; Watcharasupat, Karn N.
2020Convergence behavior analysis of FxLMS algorithms with different leaky termWen, Shulin; Gan, Woon-Seng; Shi, Dongyuan
2020Coupled acoustic resonator systems with novel acoustic propertiesYang, Yahui
2023Deep generative fixed-filter active noise controlLuo, Zhengding; Shi, Dongyuan; Shen, Xiaoyi; Ji, Junwei; Gan, Woon-Seng
2023Effect of masker selection schemes on the perceived affective quality of soundscapes: a pilot studyOng, Zhen-Ting; Ooi, Kenneth; Lam, Bhan; Wong, Trevor; Gan, Woon-Seng; Watcharasupat, Karn N.
2020Effects of contexts in urban residential areas on the pleasantness and appropriateness of natural soundsHong, Joo Young; Lam, Bhan; Ong, Zhen-Ting; Ooi, Kenneth; Gan, Woon-Seng; Kang, Jian; Yeong, Samuel; Lee, Irene; Tan, Sze-Tiong
2020Exploring effects on sound attenuation in a snare drum using custom designed 3D-printed damper systemLeow, Yixuan
2023Implementing continuous HRTF measurement in near-fieldTan, Ee-Leng; Peksi, Santi; Gan, Woon-Seng
2022Improved fast marching methods with application in traveltime tomographyQi, Yingyu
2020Modified structural Luneburg lens for broadband focusing and collimationZhao, Liuxian; Lai, Chang Quan; Yu, Miao
2023A momentum two-gradient direction algorithm with variable step size applied to solve practical output constraint issue for active noise controlShen, Xiaoyi; Shi, Dongyuan; Luo, Zhengding; Ji, Junwei; Gan, Woon-Seng
2022Non-contact laser-ultrasonic subsurface thermography using waveform inversionHu, Lei
2019The physics of oscillate boilingNguyen, Dang Minh
2023Preliminary investigation of the short-term in situ performance of an automatic masker selection systemLam, Bhan; Ong, Zhen-Ting; Ooi, Kenneth; Ong, Wen-Hui; Wong, Trevor; Gan, Woon-Seng; Watcharasupat, Karn N.
2022Probably pleasant? A neural-probabilistic approach to automatic masker selection for urban soundscape augmentationOoi, Kenenth; Watcharasupat, Karn N.; Lam, Bhan; Ong, Zhen-Ting; Gan, Woon-Seng 
2018Selecting birdsongs for auditory masking: a clustering approach based on psychoacoustic parametersOng, Zhen-Ting; Lam, Bhan; Hong, Joo Young; Ooi, Kenneth; Gan, Woon-Seng
2023Stiefel-Whitney topological charges in a three-dimensional acoustic nodal-line crystalXue, Haoran; Chen, Z. Y.; Cheng, Zheyu; Dai, J. X.; Long, Yang; Zhao, Y. X.; Zhang, Baile
2020Study on several novel topological phases in classical wave systemsXue, Haoran