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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Analysis of effect of water body on temperature and humidity around a building using COMSOLTan, Cheryl
2021Condensation frosting and defrosting on varying wettability surfacesChin, Wei Sang
2020Constraint optimisation method for the heat transfer in a wavy microchannelXu, Yan
2023Development of two camera filtered thermography system for hypersonic ablation experimentYu, Chengxin
2020Directional defrosting on partially suspended surfaces of varying hydrophobicity under angular influencesLai, Jemison Weng Keat
2021Dynamic effects of micropillar patterns on superhydrophobic silicon waferNeo, Zhe Kai
2022Experimental investigation of single-phase manifold microchannel heat exchanger for use in electric vehicle battery cooling/heatingHwang, Terence Yong Jie
2021Forced convection condensation in novel air-cooled fin tubesTan, Timothy Tze Yuan
2020Forced convection condensation in novel cross-section tubes fabricated by selective laser meltingLee, Yi Wei
2021Freezing of impact water droplets on cold moving substratesMohamad Taufiq Md Tarmidi
2022Hydrodynamic pattern investigation of ethanol droplet train impingement on heated aluminum surfaceKanbur, Baris Burak; Heng, Sheng Quan; Duan, Fei
2020Quantum thermodynamics : quantum szilard engine powered by quantum coherenceGan, Beng Yee
2022Study of bioheat transfer and cardiac thermal pulse of aneurysm in the abdominal aortic using computational fluid dynamic and fluid structure interactionLooi, Jun Cong
2021Study of heat transformation systems for cooling, heat pumps and desalinationLee, Jia Wei
2021Submerge impingement cooling for the high thermal flux electric boardWong, Yong Jian
2020Thermal analysis and numerical study on display panel technologyCaine, Jordy
2021Thermal and flow characteristics under oscillating acoustic field in a channelHarikumar, Govind
2021Thermodynamics of quantum pattern generationTsai, Yi-Kai
2022Thermographic observation of high-frequency ethanol droplet train impingement on heated aluminum and glass surfacesKanbur, Baris Burak; Heng, Sheng Quan; Duan, Fei