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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20213D food printing of fresh vegetables using food hydrocolloids for dysphagic patientsPant, Aakanksha; Lee, Amelia Yilin; Karyappa, Rahul; Lee, Cheng Pau; An, Jia; Hashimoto, Michinao; Tan, U-Xuan; Wong, Gladys; Chua, Chee Kai; Zhang, Yi
2021Access to allene-containing molecules via enantioselective reactions of azolium cumulenolate intermediatesXie, Yongtao; Yang, Xing; Xu, Jun; Chai, Huifang; Liu, Hongxia; Zhang, Junmin; Song, Jun; Gao, Yuan; Jin, Zhichao; Chi, Robin Yonggui
2017Angiotensin type 2 receptor activation promotes browning of white adipose tissue and brown adipogenesisThan, Aung; Xu, Shaohai; Li, Ru; Leow, Melvin Khee-Shing; Sun, Lei; Chen, Peng
2021Aquaculture in coastal urbanized areas : a comparative review of the challenges posed by Harmful Algal BloomsTrottet, Aurore; George, Christaline; Drillet, Guillaume; Lauro, Federico M.
2021Artificial intelligence in sepsis early prediction and diagnosis using unstructured data in healthcareGoh, Kim Huat; Wang, Le; Yeow, Adrian Yong Kwang; Poh, Hermione; Li, Ke; Yeow, Joannas Jie Lin; Tan, Gamaliel Yu Heng
2020Artificial life in an exciton-polariton latticeBanerjee, Rimi; Liew, Timothy Chi Hin
2020Assessing undergraduate learning in earth science residential fieldworkChua, Stephen; Switzer, Adam D.; Hartman, Kevin; Bhatia, Natasha; Koh, Jaime
2020Au nano-urchins enabled localized surface plasmon resonance sensing of beta amyloid fibrillationNair, Radhika V.; Yi, Pae Jian; Padmanabhan, Parasuraman; Gulyás, Balázs; Murukeshan, V. M.
2023Biotic soil legacy effects on the seedling performance of early and late successional tree speciesBinny, Delia Anne
2019Calculating the Malliavin derivative of one stochastic mechanics problemLyu, Xingyu
2021Carbene-catalyzed activation of remote nitrogen atoms of (Benz)imidazole-derived aldimines for enantioselective synthesis of heterocyclesYang, Xing; Xie, Yongtao; Xu, Jun; Ren, Shichao; Mondal, Bivas; Zhou, Liejin; Tian, Weiyi; Zhang, Xinglong; Hao, Lin; Jin, Zhichao; Chi, Robin Yonggui
2021Carbene-catalyzed alkylation of carboxylic esters via direct photoexcitation of acyl azolium intermediatesRen, Shi-Cao; Lv, Wen-Xin; Yang, Xing; Yan, Jia-Lei; Xu, Jun; Wang, Fang-Xin; Hao, Lin; Chai, Huifang; Jin, Zhichao; Chi, Robin Yonggui
2019Cascading effect in South East Asia and its impact on liner feeder services (Malaysia & Myanmar)Kwek, Sherwin Ming Loong
2019Cesium-oleate passivation for stable provskite photovoltaicsGuo, Xintong; Koh, Teck Ming; Febriansyah, Benny; Han, Guifang; Bhaumik, Saikat; Li, Jia; Nur Fadilah Jamaludin; Ghosh, Biplab; Chen, Xiaodong; Mhaisalkar, Subodh; Mathews, Nripan
2022Cholesterol-stabilized membrane-active nanopores with anticancer activitiesShen, Jie; Gu, Yongting; Ke, Lingjie; Zhang, Qiuping; Cao, Yin; Lin, Yuchao; Wu, Zhen; Wu, Caisheng; Mu, Yuguang; Wu, Yun-Long; Ren, Changliang; Zeng, Huaqiang
2023Combined germline pathogenic variants in FLCN and TP53 are associated with early onset renal cell carcinoma and brain tumorsvan de Beek, Irma; Glykofridis, Iris E.; Wagner, Anja; den Toom, Dorine T.; Bongers, Ernie M. H. F.; van Leenders, Geert J. L. H.; Johannesma, Paul C.; Meijers-Heijboer, Hanne E. J.; Wolthuis, Rob M. F.; van Steensel, Maurice A. M.; Dubbink, Hendrikus J.; Houweling, Arjan C.
2020Conduction mechanisms in Ti/HfOx/Pt resistive switching memory deviceTan, Kuan Hong
2021Coral-based proxy calibrations constrain ENSO-driven sea surface temperature and salinity gradients in the Western Pacific Warm PoolMohtar, Ahmed T.; Hughen, Konrad A.; Goodkin, Nathalie F.; Streanga, lulia-Madalina; Ramos, Riovie D.; Samanta, Dhrubajyoti; Cervino, James; Switzer, Adam D.
2021Crafting the next generation of web-based learning tools for manuscript artefacts in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. A focus on science, technology, and engineering codices, world maps, and archival documents in exhibition settingsNanetti, Andrea; Radzi, Zaqeer; Benvenuti, Davide
2020Cytosine epigenetic modification modulates the formation of an unprecedented G4 structure in the WNT1 promoterWang, Zi-Fu; Li, Ming-Hao; Chu, I-Te; Winnerdy, Fernaldo Richtia; Phan, Anh Tuân; Chang, Ta-Chau