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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2019Acceptance and uptake of influenza vaccines in Asia: a systematic reviewSheldenkar, Anita; Lim, Fann; Yung, Chee Fu; Lwin, May Oo
2021Adaptation strategies and collective dynamics of extraction in networked commons of bistable resourcesSchauf, Andrew; Oh, Poong
 2023Adjusting news accuracy perceptions after deepfakes exposure: evidence from a non-Western contextAhmed, Saifuddin; Wang, Yifei; Bee, Adeline Wei Ting
 2018Affordances for sharing domain-specific and complex knowledge on enterprise social mediaPee, Loo Geok
 2018Affordances for the sharing of domain-specific knowledge on enterprise social mediaPee, Loo Geok
2022AftertasteHo, Charlene Shi Ying; Yeo, Crystal Kai Ting; Shashneetha Yoganathan; Tan, Tong
2022AI agency vs. human agency: understanding human-AI interactions on TikTok and their implications for user engagementKang, Hyunjin; Lou, Chen
 2023AI-enabled investment advice: will users buy it?Chua, Alton Yeow Kuan; Pal, Anjan; Banerjee, Snehasish
 2020Alcohol brands being socially responsible on social media? When and how warning conspicuity and warning integration decrease the efficacy of alcohol brand posts among under-drinking-age youthLou, Chen; Alhabash, Saleem
2022All news is not the same: divergent effects of news platforms on civic and political participationKim, Nuri; Duffy, Andrew; Tandoc, Edson C.; Ling, Rich
2016AlternativeTham, Ervin Wei Jie; Poh, Ronney Wei Ren; Shona Suthendran
2022Animal crossing and COVID-19: a qualitative study examining how video games satisfy basic psychological needs during the pandemicYee, Andrew Z. H.; Sng, Jeremy R. H.
2015Answers or no answers : studying question answerability in stack overflowChua, Alton Yeow Kuan; Banerjee, Snehasish
2020Anti-misinformation regulation and students’ rumour sharing motivations: the case of the COVID-19 outbreak in SingaporeTan, Minying
2019Appropriation of mobile health for diabetes self-management : lessons from two qualitative studiesBrew-Sam, Nicola; Karnowski, Veronika; Joeckel, Sven; Chib, Arul; Rossmann, Constanze; Riesmeyer, Claudia; Ling, Rich
 2022Are automated accounts driving scholarly communication on Twitter? a case study of dissemination of COVID-19 publicationsYe, Estella Yingxin; Na, Jin-Cheon; Oh, Poong
 2021Are parents doing it right? Parent and child perspectives on parental mediation in SingaporeLwin, May Oo; Panchapakesan, Chitra; Teresa, Jaishree; Cayabyab, Ysa Marie; Shin, Wonsun
2023Are threat perceptions associated with patient adherence to antibiotics? Insights from a survey regarding antibiotics and antimicrobial resistance among the Singapore publicLee, Si Yu; Yang, Shanshan; Lwin, May Oo
2017The Asia foundation's motion-picture project and the cultural cold war in AsiaLee, Sangjoon
 2010The Asian communication debate : culture-specificity, culture-generality, and beyondWang, Georgette; Kuo, Eddie Chen-Yu