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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2022The aggregate and distributional impacts of residence policy relaxationTang, Rongsheng; Tang, Yang; Zhang, Rongjie
2018Agricultural yield and conflictAng, James; Gupta, Satyendra Kumar
2023Applying copula to model healthcare demand and health insuranceLau, De Xing
2021Assessment of redistribution policies in SingaporeAng, Xin Rui; Cham, Zhi An; Peh, Earl Hao Kien
 2020Asset markets with insider trading disclosure rule and reselling constraint : an experimental analysisHalim, Edward; Riyanto, Yohanes E.
 2021Assignment under task dependent private informationTan, Teck Yong
2021Behavioural heterogeneity in the housing market : a comparison between Singapore and Hong KongOr, Eugene
 2020Bubbles and house price dispersion in the United States during 1975–2017Tang, Yang; Zeng, Ting; Zhu, Shenghao
2023Bullying and its effect on victims' academic achievement: a comparative study of direct and relational bullying in countries with varying levels of prevalenceKong, Tammy Shao Ci; Tan, Xiang Xian; Zhang, Chu Yi
2021Can machine learning algorithms lead to more accurate nowcasts of Singapore's GDP?Cheong, Wei Si; Tan, Hong Bing; Wise, Vincent
2022Causal linkages of output growth and interest rate from US and China to ASEAN-5 economies and among ASEAN-5 economiesTay, Joshua Zhi Wei; Tan, Sean Han Wei; Wong, Jing Yi
2020Common factors and common breaks in panels : an empirical investigationFeng, Qu
 2021Competitive disclosure of correlated informationAu, Pak Hung; Kawai, Keiichi
2021Cooperative behavior between generalists and specialists In homogenous and heterogenous pairings involving leadership in a public goods gameLee, Beatrice Mynn; Ng, Jocelyn Yu Xuan; Phua, Li Xin
 2020Coordination on Bubbles In Large-Group Asset Pricing ExperimentsBao, Te; Hennequin, Myrna; Hommes, Cars; Massaro, Domenico
2019Costly information acquisition, social networks, and asset prices : experimental evidenceHalim, Edward; Riyanto, Yohanes Eko; Roy, Nilanjan
 2022COVID-19 regulations, political Institutions, and the environmentFredriksson, Per G.; Mohanty, Aatishya
2021Cultural effects on the transmission rate of COVID-19Su, Ziling; Wang, Yonghan
2021Decision making in a transportation mode experimentKwa, Wei Jun; Loong, Pin Sheng; Lua, Shu Chyi
2020A decision-theoretic approach on commuting mode choice : an experiential theoretical studyTan, Clement Jun Wen; Goh, Xue Rui; Leong, Wan Yi