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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Accents, group identity, and trust behaviors : evidence from SingaporeBatsaikhan, Mongoljin; He, Tai-Sen; Li, Yupeng
 2020Aging parents’ and middle-aged children’s evaluations of parents’ disability and life problemsLee, Hyo Jung; Kim, K.; Bangerter, L. R.; Zarit, S. H.; Fingerman, K. L.
 2021Association between negative symptom domains and happiness in schizophreniaRekhi, Gurpreet; Ang, Mei San; Lee, Jimmy Chee Keong
2021Automatic classification of ICA components from infant EEG using MARAMarriott Haresign, I.; Phillips, E.; Whitehorn, M.; Noreika, V.; Jones, Emma-Jane; Leong, Victoria; Wass, S. V.
2020Between personalized and racialized precision medicine : a relative resources perspectiveSun, Shirley
2022The business of migration: Xiamen in motion and transformationOng, Soon Keong
2021Challenges and opportunities for academic parents during COVID-19Lantsoght, Eva O. L.; Tse Crepaldi, Yvonne; Tavares, Silvia G.; Leemans, Kathleen; Paig-Tran, E. W. Misty
2022A comparative evaluation of secular repression and religious repression on religiously motivated terrorism in Muslim-majority statesMuhammad Isyraf Salahudin
2020COVID-19 and the climate emergency : do common origins and solutions reside in the global agrifood system?Horton, Benjamin Peter ; Horton, Peter
2019Cross-modal size-contrast illusion : acoustic increases in intensity and bandwidth modulate haptic representation of object sizeUesaki, Maiko; Ashida, Hiroshi; Kitaoka, Akiyoshi; Pasqualotto, Achille
2021Crowd control: reducing individual estimation bias by sharing biased social informationJayles, Bertrand; Sire, Clément; Kurvers, Ralf H. J. M.
 2023Diarrheal disease, sanitation, and culture in IndiaMohanty, Aatishya; Saxena, Akshar
2022Does speech rate influence intertemporal decisions? An experimental investigationChen, Josie I.; He, Tai-Sen; Liao, Hsin-Ya
2019Driving aspects of continuous commitment in allumni karate practitionersLim, Yi Yan
 2022Effect of seating arrangement on class engagement in team-based learning : a quasi-experimental studySeet, Andrew Hong An; Tan, Emmanuel; Rajalingam, Preman
2021The effect of sensationalised news on peoples' willingness to pay for food itemsChung, Jia Hui; Ng, Joey Jia Hui; Law, Victoria Yan Ting
 2020Employee experiences in underground workplaces : a qualitative investigationVenugopal, Vinita; Roberts, Adam Charles; Kwok, Kian-Woon; Christopoulos, George I.; Soh, Chee-Kiong
2019Examining the effectiveness of a holistic nutrition programme among community-dwelling elderly in SingaporeLee, James Chong Boi; Robert, Caroline; Nurhazimah Naharudin; Erdt, Mojisola; Vijayakumar, Harsha; Theng, Yin-Leng
2021Exploring the frontiers of eye tracking research in language studies : a novel co-citation scientometric reviewAryadoust, Vahid; Ang, Bee Hoon
2021The face of trust: using facial action units (AUs) as indicators of trust in automationChua, Jonathan Soon Kiat; Xu, Hong; Lye, Sun Woh