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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019AI : Could It Be More Ethical than Humans?Bitzinger, Richard A.
2014Applying the lessons of South African nuclear disarmament to North KoreaNah, Liang Tuang
2020Artificial Intelligence : Empowering Smaller NaviesBitzinger, Richard A.
2020Beneath the war helmet : civil-military relations through the eyes of the TatmadawSwan, Ye Tun
 2018Civil-military relations in Iran : internal and external pressuresAhmed Salah Hashim
2022Force multiplier: US-Japan Alliance modernization and maritime Southeast AsiaBradford, John
2020The future of nuclear security in the Asia-Pacific : expanding the role of Southeast AsiaTrajano, Julius Cesar; Caballero-Anthony, Mely
2019The Growing Strategic Significance of IslandsTill, Geoffrey
2019Hypersonics : Next Big Thing or Next Big Fad?Bitzinger, Richard A.
2021The Indo-Pacific debate : moving forward together?Liu, Lin
2020Iran-Russia-China Trilateral Naval Exercise : China’s New Mideast Strategy?Yang, Zi
2020The Middle East Effect : How US’ China Policy Will be InfluencedYang, Zi
2020Military response to COVID-19 : advantages and constraintsTrias, Angelo Paolo Luna
 2021Military-technological innovation in small states: the cases of Israel and SingaporeBitzinger, Richard A.
2017The modern naval fortress : an additional sea denial option for coastal statesWu, Shang-su
 2007Re-thinking the safety of navigation in the Malacca StraitsDesker, Barry
2020Rising Tensions in Natunas : Test for Indonesia’s New Defence CommandsTiola
 2022The security environment in the Asia-Pacific: the context for armingBitzinger, Richard A.
 2018Strategic communication and violent extremism : the importance of state actionCheong, Damien Dominic
2019TNI’s 2019 Joint Exercise : Adding More Fire PowerNugroho, Sigit Suryo; Priamarizki, Adhi; Tiola