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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Disaster governance and prospects of inter-regional partnership in the Asia-PacificCook, Alistair David Blair; Chen, Christopher Zhiming
2022Essays on state capacity, governance and public goodManchanda, Stuti
2023Examining the quality of life of elders in SingaporeChee, Wai Ern
2020Gaming behaviour of teachers towards the enhanced performance management system : a qualitative study of Singapore's education systemLeong, Serene Shu Ning; Leong, Bernice Wan Kay
2022Healthy ageing and happy communities: a study of allotment gardens in SingaporeGoh, Joon Meng
2021Hired or not even considered? : Investigating how the employment outcomes of deaf persons in Singapore can be promotedGan, Jessa Wan Zhen
2021The institutionalization and effectiveness of transnational policy transfer : the China–Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park as a case studyLiu, Hong; Wang, Tingyan
2018Integrating disaster governance in Timor-Leste : opportunities and challengesCook, Alistair David Blair; Suresh, Vishalini; Nair, Tamara; Foo, Yen Ne
2023Investigating the effectiveness of Singapore's environmental policies and initiatives in cultivating pro-environmental behavioursChia, Kai Tiak
 2002Islam and society in South-East Asia after 11 SeptemberDesker, Barry
2017The leadership of balancing control and autonomy in public sector networks : the case of SingaporeLee, Celia
2023Mitigate, adapt, prepare: a climate security agenda for the ASEAN defence ministers' meetingCook, Alistair David Blair; Nanthini, S.
2022Moving toward a common goal via cross-sector collaboration: lessons learned from SARS to COVID-19 in SingaporeKim, Soojin ; Goh, Yuki; Kang, Brandon Jun Hong
2022Public perception on preparedness for Singapore's innovative economyWee, Liang Jie
2022The pursuit of a good death: a qualitative analysis of the effectiveness of advance care planning community engagement in SingaporeTan, Alethea Xiao Tong
2022The Singapore government's corrective communication: a case study of its COVID-19 falsehood correctionsNadan, Enoch
2021Singapore's road to widespread mHealth implementationTan, Kai Ling
 2020Singapore’s responses to the covid-19 outbreak : a critical assessmentWalid Jumblatt Abdullah; Kim, Soojin
2021"This Land is My Land" - an assessment of the responsibilities of the Singapore Government for concerns in the sand tradeYeo, Swee Guan
2021Three essays on bureaucracy : post-communist contextMussagulova, Assel