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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
202021世纪中国电影英雄的塑造 = The making of a 21st century China film hero佘曜丞 Seah, Walter Yao Chen
2019Accumulation by and without dispossession : rural land use, land expropriation, and livelihood implications in ChinaZhan, Shaohua
2021Advancing research to eliminate mental illness stigma: an interventional study to improve community attitudes towards depression among university students in SingaporeGoh, Janrius Chong Min; Shahwan, Shazana; Lau, Jue Hua; Ong, Wei Jie; Tan, Gregory Tee Hng; Samari, Ellaisha; Kwok, Kian Woon; Subramaniam, Mythily; Chong, Siow Ann
2019Aging parents’ and middle-aged children’s evaluations of parents’ disability and life problemsLee Hyo Jung ; Kim, Kyungmin; Bangerter, Lauren R.; Zarit, Steven H.; Fingerman, Karen L.
2019The air-conditioned man : the construction of masculinity in Singapore school choirsWye, Calvin Chong Kit
 2023Are IT professionals unique? A second-order meta-analytic comparison of turnover intentions across occupationsZaza, Sam; Joseph, Damien; Armstrong, Deborah J.
2020Argument and information structures in sociology research papers : analysis of the abstract and introduction sectionsCheng, Wei-Ning
2023Assessing the impact of smart nation discourse on older adults in SingaporeGoh, Pei Xuan; Kong, Valerie Xin Yi
2018Assessment of patients with negative symptoms of schizophrenia from movement, and prosodic and conversational speech signalsTan, Bhing-Leet; Lee, Jimmy; Chakraborty, Debsubhra; Yang, Zixu; Yasir, Tahir; Dauwels, Justin; Magnenat-Thalmann, Nadia
2020The association of mental disorders with perceived social support, and the role of marital status : results from a national cross-sectional surveyVaingankar, Janhavi Ajit; Abdin, Edimansyah; Chong, Siow Ann; Shafie, Saleha; Sambasivam, Rajeswari; Zhang, Yun Jue; Chang, Sherilyn; Chua, Boon Yiang; Shahwan, Shazana; Jeyagurunathan, Anitha; Kwok, Kian-Woon; Subramaniam, Mythily
2018Attachment to God and death anxiety in later life : does race matter?Jung, Jong Hyun
2020Belief in supernatural evil and mental health : do secure attachment to god and gender matter?Jung, Jong Hyun
2023Bias in nutrition-health associations is not eliminated by excluding extreme reporters in empirical or simulation studiesYamamoto, Nao; Ejima, Keisuke; Zoh, Roger S.; Brown, Andrew W.
2022Black lives matter: perceived (Ir)relevance to understanding race issues in SingaporeRajasingam, Shantini
2020Bodies that don’t matter, but labor that does : the low-wage male migrant in Singapore and DubaiKathiravelu, Laavanya
2023Can our dollar Bills be green?: A study on the formation and negotiation of identities around green consumerism in SingaporeGoh, Charlene Ling Xuan; Tan, Nadia Xin Wei
2020Careers in cities : an interdisciplinary space for advancing the contextual turn in career studiesTams, Svenja; Kennedy, Jeffrey C.; Arthur, Michael B.; Chan, Kim Yin
2023Challenges to parenthood in Singapore: from a father's perspectiveChua, Benjamin Chong Rui; Casuncad-Chan, Mary Gwyneth; Zhang, Chang
2019Charity/commercialism : competing or complementary motivations in Singapore social business enterprises?Lim, Pearlyn
2021Christianity, gender and self-care : conversations with university students about coping with social isolation during COVID-19Chew, Jeremy Jia En