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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Building cooperation for managing the South China Sea without strategic trustBateman, Sam
 2021China and Southeast Asia in the 2000s : tension management in the maritime spaceZha, Daojiong; Lina, Gong
 2017China’s normative power in managing South China Sea disputesHan, David Guo Xiong
2017Fisheries cooperation in the South China Sea : evaluating the optionsZhang, Hongzhou
2022Managing great power politics: ASEAN, institutional strategy, and the South China SeaKoga, Kei
2022A new strategic minilateralism in the Indo-PacificKoga, Kei
 2013Recent research on tsunami hazards for Sumatra and the South China Sea areaHuang, Zhenhua; Wu, Tso-Ren; Syamsidik
2019Revised earthquake sources along Manila trench for tsunami hazard assessment in the South China SeaQiu, Qiang; Li, Linlin; Hsu, Ya-Ju; Wang, Yu; Chan, Chung-Han; Switzer, Adam D.
2016Upwelling of Pacific Intermediate Water in the South China Sea Revealed by Coral Radiocarbon RecordBolton, Annette; Goodkin, Nathalie Fairbank; Druffel, Ellen R. M.; Griffin, Sheila; Murty, Sujata Annavarapu
2021Volume and heat transport in the South China Sea and maritime continent at present and the end of the 21st centurySamanta, Dhrubajyoti; Goodkin, Nathalie Fairbank; Karnauskas, Kristopher B.
2015What caused the mysterious eighteenth century tsunami that struck the southwest Taiwan coast?Li, Linlin; Switzer, Adam Douglas; Wang, Yu; Weiss, Robert; Qiu, Qiang; Chan, Chung-Han; Tapponnier, Paul