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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019The 360° video Secret Detours as case study to convey experiences through immersive media and the method of presentationReinhuber, Elke; Seide, Benjamin; Williams, Ross
20123D stereo pictorial spaces : towards new aesthetics in contemporary paintingConradi, Ina; de la Nuez, Rubén
 2019Amplifying the collective (data) body : screens as relational interfaces in the works of Krzysztof Wodiczko and Refik AnadolKang, Kristy H. A.
2019Animating with a game engine - a very digital sense of placeHodgkinson, Gray
2019Bringing art to everyday : Media Art Nexus NTU Singapore in review 2016-2018Conradi, Ina; Chavez, Mark
2009Cinematics and narratives : creating an archetypal character based experienceChavez, Mark; Conradi, Ina; Liu, Linyi
2020Collaborative typographic installations : leveraging trust as a creative catalystWinstanley, Lisa
2017Conceptions of design research : discursive phenomenography in undergraduate visual communication design researchYeo, Jesvin Puay-Hwa; Koh, Caroline; Chye, Stefanie Yen-Leng
2020Deriving sense : cognitive aspects of artefactual creativityGrba, Dejan
2010Digital imaging in Singapore - internal externalConradi, Ina
2011Digital media and the quest for the spiritual in artConradi, Ina
 2018Eric Bogle, music and the great war : 'an old man's tears'Walsh, Michael J. K.
 2019Eric Bogle’s No Man’s Land and the grave of Willie McBride at the SommeWalsh, Michael J. K.
2022The extra-ordinaries - evoking self-reflection through everyday placesLeck, Sherry Xue Er
2016A framework of fostering critical thinking in a multicultural, inclusive Confucian heritage classroomYam, Angeline Min Yee; Tan, Ai-Girl; Lim, Shirley
2019Heritage science : expanding the thinkable future beyond inherited pasts and the visible presentsNanetti, Andrea
2010Internal externalConradi, Ina
2021It's okay to be different! : Helping young children to embrace dyslexiaOng, Jia Ying
2019Layered images : the desire to see more than the obviousReinhuber, Elke; Rall, Hannes; Pelz, Sebastian
 2017Lights, virtual camera, action!Hodgkinson, Gray