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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1994Activity based costing (ABC) : a theoretical proposition and a case study of an aerospace manufacturing company in SingaporeLim, Meng Ann; Oh, Chong Ho; Seow, Kim Koon
1994Analysis of construction industry and market in ChinaKuo, Li Ho.; Weng, Chao Ko.
1994An application of system dynamics to the management of a DC to AC electrical plant conversion of a pre-war shipChia, Phyllis Kee Chai.
1994Appraisal study : financial investment in South Korea for foreign investors.Loke, Yin Leng.; Yip, Pak Ling.
1994Assessing computer trade show functions and performance in Singapore.Chan, Hui.; Goh, Kevin Kiang Yu.; Tan, Yew Bock.
1994ATM network congestion controlTan, Lay Keong
1994Attitudinal career maturity of students in a secondary schoolChan, Grace Cheow Yong.
1994Automated generation of STEP interfaces for CAD systemsHew, Voon Kong.
1994Automatic segmentation of lesion from medical computed tomography images for stereotactic neurosurgeryYau, Wei Yun.
1994Behaviour of tubular joints subjected to combined loadingsYeoh, Seng Keat.
1994CLOGBase : a deductive object oriented database systemJose K. Raphel
1994Cloning and expression of Epstein-Barr viral antigens in Escherichia coli : purification of recombinant EBV antigens for diagnostic applicationFones-Tan, Angela.
1994Co-movements of major Asian-Pacific and the United States equity markets : a Singapore dollar perspective.Cheow, Hock Beng.; Chern, Cher Hoon.; Low, Jee Fun.
1994Cohesive features in the expository essays of secondary four (express) and secondary five (normal) students in SingaporeMangayer Karasi.
1994A combined factorial experiment and heuristic search for simulation optimizationLoh, Yoon Loong.
1994Comparison between Singapore and Japanese project management approach in constructionYap, Beng Soon.
1994Competitive entry strategies in overseas marketing of construction exportMunukutla, V. Rao.
1994Computational aspects of the ritz method for vibration of shallow shellsLim, Chee Wah.
1994Computer aided apparel pattern-making applicationKoh, Thong Hwee.
1994Computer integrated selection and sequencing of modular orienting devices for vibratory bowl feedersTan, Puay Siew.