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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
199716 to 18 year old students' errors and misconceptions in learning probabilityChan, Wai Soen.
1997A 3-D graphics engine for rendering polygonal objectsBurak, Alp
1997Abrasive waterjet cutting technologyChua, Albert Kee Sew.
1997Accountability effects on performance : the influence of knowledge, ability and task complexity.Kao, Alison Ko Yun.
1997Active object recognition using sensor planning strategyLiu, Tian Rong.
1997Adaptation of Western counselling approaches to an Asian multicultural contextSoong, Cecilia Foong Har.
1997Adaptive thresholding algorithms for images with varying background lightNg, Teck Chew.
1997The adoption of Internet by organizations in Singapore.Lau, Kok Chiang.; Lim, Yan Tim.; Then, Joon Boo.
1997Adoption of internet-based electronic trading and payment in SingaporeLee, Jill Ghim Ha; Leong, Janice Lau Kheng; Tan, How Choon
1997Advanced attribute control chartsZhang, Xiao Lan
1997Advanced image restoration techniquesMok, Chi Kin.
1997Aerodynamic measurements of an airfoil with a spoilerGu, Weidong.
1997Aggregation of multi-source information for classification of remotely sensed imagesChong, Chee Chung.
1997An AGV scheduling and routing system for high-throughput container handlingYu, Xin Guo.
1997Alternate approach to assembly stack analysis and process tolerancing of partsCheong, Khin Cheong.
1997Analysis and implementation of backpropagation neural networks on heterogeneous processor arraysFoo, Shou King.
1997Analysis in tolerance design for assemblyCheong, Hoong Khoeng.
1997An analysis of intraday patterns in bid-ask spreads for Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange Securities.Chong, Wai Hoong.; Hew, Keong Chan.; Koh, Tze San.
1997Analysis of printer shaft non-conformitiesLieu, Swee Keng.
1997An analysis of product liability insurance of Singapore exporters.Wat, Lai Lian.