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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19993D interactive internet application based on VRMLGao, Bo
1999Achievement outcomes and affective outcomes of co-operative learning and traditional learning approaches on a group of junior college boys studying economicsVenkatram Indra
1999Activity based costing approach to systems development and implementation.Ooi, Ginny Huey Jiun.
1999Adaptation of MPEG video in ATM networksChow, David Tai Wei.
1999Adaptive active noise controlYang, Xiao Hua
1999Adaptive active noise control with genetic algorithmYang, Xiaoguang
1999Adolescents' classroom perceptions and their impact on motivationLow, Geraldine Ching Voon.
1999Advanced molding technique selection and troubleshootingOoi, Joon Seng.
1999Advisor program to optimize the process of PCB assembly operationLau, Yong Gnee.
1999Agriculture and related industries in western Canada.Hery Soekojo.; Ng, Gregory Kai Woon.; Tham, Yen Hwei.; Cheng, Li Peng.
1999Algorithms for information retrievalKwok, Jee Ann.
1999Algorithms to reduce fabrication times in a rapid prototyping systemToh, Da Jun.
1999Allison wonderland revisited : explaining Israel's intelligence failure in October 1973.Lim, James Chong Beng.
1999Alternative approach to electrical energy audit in buildings and industrial plantsHe, Ben Gang.
1999Alternative option pricing models incorporating higher moments and non-restrictive distributionsAng, Kian Ping
1999Analogies at war : Munich, Vietnam, and the Bush administration decision-making during 1990-1 Gulf War.Chen, Jeffrey Kwang Wai.
1999Analysis of a successive approximation analog-to-digital converterChong, Chee Hock.
1999Analysis of alu chip and realizing with pass transistor logicU Win Lwin
1999Analysis of CDMA-based land mobile satellite communication systems over fading channelsZhang, Wei
1999Analysis of compliant mechanisms with lumped complianceOng, Lay Yoong.