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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20003-dimensional free-form object surface representation and its recognition using range imagesSun, Zehang.
2000Accelerated electron beam curable resin systems for microelectronics applicationChia, Ngeow Khing.
2000Acquisition of resources from foreign parents by international joint ventures : the case of Vietnam.Nguyen, Duc Tri.
2000Active control of flexible structures using distributed sensors and actuatorsTeo, Boon Kiat.
2000Active control of noise in a tubeZheng, Hong.
2000Active vibration control of printed circuit boards using piezoelectric bimorphsLee, Yong Peng.
2000Actuarial calculations with frailty models.Wong, George Chung Ming.
2000Adaptive neuro-fuzzy control systemChern, Wen Kwang.
2000Adaptive segmentaion and similarity measures in content-based image retrievalRicky Purnomo.
2000Adolescents' perceptions of parenting stylesDevi, Lathika
2000Adoption of electronic procurement in Singapore.Chia, Boong Kheng.
2000Advanced controller design for diesel enginesKuang, Bo.
2000Aerodynamic shape design of transonic airfoils using stochastic optimisation methods and computational fluid dynamicsLee, Shiang Long.
2000Algorithms on volume renderingYang, Yu Ting
2000Aluminum nitride dielectric substrates with controlled porosity by reaction sinteringTok, Alfred Iing Yoong
2000Analysing the time frames in agenda-setting with environmental issues.Lim, Hwee Ee.
2000Analysis and comparision of credit risk methodologiesLeong, Kok Choong.; Lim, Han Kiat.
2000Analysis and design of 4-bit magnitude comparatorAung Thura
2000Analysis of the distinction between two key leadership attributes : charisma and vision.Selvaraju, S.; Chauhan, Pradeep K. S.
2000Analysis on the availability of supply chain softwear in matching the requirements of manufacturing industryYong, Tian Foo.