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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20011997-2000 年河北省农民收入增长趋缓的相关因素分析 = An analysis on factors of farmers' income in Hebei during 1997-2000毛宇山 Mao, Yushan
20013D human face recognitionHan, Feng.
2001Active rule support for workflowsLiu, Shuzhou.
2001Adaptation of MPEG video in ADSL systemLe, Le Yi.
2001Adaptive C++ : reuse of visual C++ code fragments that implement common functionalitiesXiao, Xiankuan
2001Adaptive control of nonlinear dynamic system using fully tuned radial basis function neural networks : aircraft flight control applicationsLi, Yan.
2001Adaptive noise cancellation using dynamic fuzzy neural networks (D-FNN) algorithmAung Min
2001Adaptive relaying for distribution backup protectionLu, Chengzhi.
2001Adhesion deformation and interfacial properties of cellular entitiesWang, Honggang
2001Adhesion of plasma sprayed bioceramic coatingsYe, Xuejun.
2001Adoption of WAP applications in Singapore.Wijaya.
2001Advanced electronic packaging substrate (ball grid array)Li, Jianjun.
2001Advanced nonlinear controller design and implementation for HDD track following controlWang, Jianyi.
2001Advanced planarization techniques for deep sub-micron applicationsLim, Victor Seng Keong.
2001An alternative model of transformational leadership : a South Korean contextAnwar The; Ibnu Darmawan Bramono; Tan, Justin Hsin Ka; Tan, Way Ping
2001Analog ASIC designPng, Lay Ling.
2001The analysis and calibration of a multi-factor hull-white model.Chee, Geok Kee.; Kumaradasan Ragudaran.; Lim, Ang Guan.
2001Analysis and design of a nonlinear controller for power system voltage stabilityChen, Huayuan.
2001Analysis and design of discrete-time robust filtersZhu, Xing
2001Analysis and design of micropower asynchronous addersChong, Kwen Siong.