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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Active back scattering RFID : architectural investigationsXu, Tong
2003Active metal brazing of ceramic to ceramic and ceramic to metalZhang, Jixuan
2003Active noise control for air handling unitLow, Cher Wee.
2003Active noise control for air handling unitBayu Jayawardhana.
2003Active queue management of multimedia flows over ATM networksZhang, Hong
2003Adaptive broadband array signal processing for sonar systems : temporal methodsLum, Raymond Hon Kit.
2003Adaptive color quantization using self-organizing feature mapXiao, Rui
2003Adaptive flow control in asynchronous transfer mode networksDuan, Yanbing.
2003Adaptive identification and control of nonlinear systems using generalized fuzzy neural networkGao, Yang.
2003Adaptive local refinement and simplification for cloth simulationVolkov, Vasily
2003Adaptive WAP portalSeet, Lin Hoe.
2003Advanced control designs for power systems incorporating FACTS devicesCong, Lin.
2003Advanced control for heat exchange processHtay Hlaing Oo.
2003Advanced control of electrical drive systemsZhou, Jianguo.
2003Aerobic biofilm technology for simultaneous removal of carbon and nitrogenDeng, Cailing
2003Aerobic granulation : an innovative biotechnology for high performance wastewater treatmentNay Myo Aung
2003Aerobic granulation in sequencing batch reactorLiu, Qishan.
2003Aeroelastic analysis of super long cable-supported bridgesZhang, Xin
2003Agent based knowledge management systemsLin, Min Qing.
2003Aggregate model of health care expenditure in Singapore based on historical recordsSeng, Lee Huang.