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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20073D object segmentation using deformable modelsChen, Xujian
20073D wavelet based scalable video coding and its applicationsNi, Zefeng
2007911 and aftermath : clash of civilisations or clash of interests?Gurbachan Singh.
2007AC-AC matrix converter based wind power generation schemeThiagarajan Senthil Kumar.
2007Accelerating development of enterprise and employee through performance appraisalGao, Liming
2007Acquisitions of China's national oil companies and the implicationsAziz Malek
2007Adhesion behavior of A7R5 cells on fibronectin-coated surfacesJason So Villano
2007Advance duct pressure control for HVAC systemElangovan Karthikeyan
2007Advance duct temperature control for HVAC systemSrinivasan Sunilkumar.
2007Advanced nonlinear control of complex power systemsLi, Hong Yin
2007Advanced transcoding techniques for video communicationShu, Haiyan
2007African Union and Asean regional forum : the norms of non-intervention and sovereigntyAmuzu Victor Semenu
2007Agent-based goal-oriented approach to support decision making in a distributed command and control environmentKoh, Hian Siang.
2007Al-jama'ah Al-Islamiyyah's (JI) ideology : applying strategic thoughts in countering the Ushulul Manhaj Al-Harankiy Li Iqomatid Dien.Mahfuh Haji Halimi.
2007Algorithms for extracting text from degraded document imagesChen, Yan
2007Algorithms for synthesis and optimization of multiplierless FIR filtersXu, Fei
2007Alloying effects on nanostructure formation in iron based soft magnetic materialsZhang, Yanrong
2007Analysis and design of cable-driven parallel kinematic mechanismsPham, Cong Bang
2007Analysis of gravity-load-designed RC beam-column joints subjected to lateral loadsLin, Xin
2007Analysis of inventory management models of raw materials in non-deterministic situations for a pharmaceutical company.Khor, Thomas Si Ming.