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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Blind readingFernando, Jeremy
2018Bonsai boy : the traumatised child in Emma Donoghue’s roomTan, Marcus Yi Hern
2011Brecht and China: towards an ethical subjectZheng, Jie
2018Building the “chinese bridge” : dynamics of transnational engagement through confucius institutes in Southeast AsiaMa, Sirui
2011"But that will not be my way" : locating counter-hegemonic energy in waiting for the barbarians and foe.Tan, Serene Kok Yin.
2018But we happened anyway : short stories on disorderTeo, Isabelle Zhi Yi
2014"But why was I bored?" : Virginia Woolf's treatment of boredomAkankasha Dewan
2015The changing novel form : Virginia Woolf and John BanvilleLim, Yiru
2005Changing patterns of real exchange rate misalignment in the key East Asian trading countries : implications for the external competitiveness in East Asian economiesChiang, Edwin Wy Jeon
2017The characteristics and impact of translated tourist brochuresLow, Meow Siang
2006China's A-Share IPOs : underpricing, winner's curse and aftermarket price trendNi, Fei
2004China's capital account liberalization : issues and optionsDong, Zhiyong
2007China's energy (in)security : implications for the Asia-Pacific region.Rowena Rivera Pangilinan.
2009China's outward foreign direct investments : analysis of its investments, track record to date and likely future trendsTan, Teck Eng
2007China's rising soft power in Southeast Asia : effectiveness and constraintsChan, Joyce Mei Fung
2009Chinese anti-corruption status and the road ahead - concurrently discussing Singapore anti-corruption institutional constructionShi, Guanyu
2007Chinese intellectuals from 1949 to 1979 : a case study.Wang, Ming.
2017Cinema and politics : the creation of postcolonial self/other and the shaping of strategic cultures in Southeast Asia, 1945-1967Darlene Machell de Leon Espena
2017City as writing : textual Dublin in UlyssesNguyen, Thi Hanh Quyen
2018Climate change and resilience in industrial aquaculture : a study of community capitals in the shrimp-farming zone in BangladeshShaikh Mohammad Kais