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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Three essays on empirical study of the term structure of interest ratesZhu, Xiaoneng
2018Three essays on fertilityLim, Wee Pynn
2011Three essays on gender wage differentialsFang, Zheng
2011Three essays on tax competition.Chen, Yang
2015Tonal assignment of Malay loanwords in Penang HokkienSoon, Samantha Sze Min
2007Transition of China's media industry : roles of market and government.Ye, Hairong.
2017Translating for pedagogical purposesNg, Semay
2017Translating identities : the shaping of identity through negotiating differencesLim, Xin Hwei
2017Translating political discourse : a comparative study of Chinese-English translation of political texts in Singapore (2009 - 2015)Tay, Meng How
2017A translation comparison of stray birds between Zheng Zhenduo’s version and Feng Tang’s version : from the perspective of manipulation theoryZheng, Jiani
2017Translation in Singapore : who does it better?Leong, Yuan Hong
2017Translation of humour in literatureYeo, Marianna Xue-Na
2017The translation of skincare & makeup products : strategies applied in Mainland China & TaiwanChua, Qiao Han
2017Translation, rewriting and formation of Singapore's bilingual education policy : a comparison of English and Chinese editions of "My lifelong challenge : Singapore's bilingual journey" by Lee Kuan YewToh, Wenqi
2017Translation-oriented text analysis approach to English translation of dialect in Singapore Chinese literature : a case study of Shuang Kou Ding Yi Cun – Na Xie Nian Na Xie ShiLeow, Hwei Chyi
2014Trauma and the postmodern witnessOng, Nicole Sihui
2009Trend analysis of contemporary China's administrative reformHe, Fei
2017Two-step audio-description protocol : verbalising the science-fictional reality of "Summer Wars"Deng, Yihan
2015Understanding face perception through the contributions of bottom-up and top-down processing : a psychophysical approachPan, Liu
2017The "visible" translator : challenges and limitations in musical translationChan, Candice Jing Harn