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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015中国淮河水污染跨域治理研究 = Research on cross-region governance of water pollution in China Huaihe River丁艺 Ding, Yi
2014中朝古代桃花源文学比较研究 = A comparative study of peach blossom literature in ancient China and Korea蔡佳敏 Cai, Jiamin
2012主流、反抗、跨越 :马华青年 行音乐创作的认同与位置 = Malaysian Chinese youth popular music: identity and place.李嘉雯 Lee, Cheah Woon
2011九龙江流域环境综合治理环保资金使用效益与管理策略研究 = Strategies on fund management for environmental control of Jiulong River黄建宏 Huang, Jianhong; 沈建勋 Shen, Jianxun; 黄 宁 Huang, Ning; 林莉莉 Lin, Lili; 陈群霞 Chen, Qunxia
2013二十世纪初马来亚粤讴研究 = A study of the Yue Ou in Malaya (1904-1920)李成钢 Lee, Chen Kang
2013从中国中小学生的游学市场现状, 探讨新加坡教育旅游业的发展问题 = Analysis on the development problems of Singapore's educational tourism industry : perspectives from China's primary and secondary student's educational tourism market王晓盛 Wang, Xiaosheng
2010从制度上规范权力运行 :黑龙江的实践与新加坡的启示 = The regulation of authority from a system perspective : the practice in HeiLongJiang and lessons from Singapore李岩松 Li, Yan Song
2016从第一个词汇至第一个句子 : 新加坡儿童汉语-英语早期词汇发展之个案 = From the first word to the first sentence : a case study of a Singaporean infant's Chinese-English bilingual lexical development潘霖妮 Puah, Lynn Dee
2010关于中国改革问题的反思 = Some reflections on economic reforms in China马铭 Ma, Ming
2011关于欠发达地区农村垃圾处置模式的研究 :以广东省乳源县为例 = Study of waste management in undeveloped rural area : with Ruyuan County of Guangdong Province for example刘 吉 Liu, Ji; 杨日华 Yang, Rihua; 陈奇春 Chen, Qichun; 华 桦 Hua, Hua; 王晓梅 Wang, Xiaomei
2011农作物秸秆污染防治及综合利用的公共政策研究 :以江苏省淮安市为例 = On the public policies about pollution prevention and utilization of crops straw : taking HuaiAn city as an example王立喜 Wang, Lixi; 王兴龙 Wang, Xinglong; 王江 Wang, Jiang; 王红红 Wang, Honghong; 孙志标 Sun, Zhibiao
2017冷战与现代化 :以国际电影懋业有限公司为例 = Cold war and modernisation : a case study of the Motion Picture & General Investment Co Ltd林鼎瀚 Lim, Ding Han
2008刘宗周慎独之阐微 = The study of Liu Zongzhou's learning of vigilant solitude胡元玲 Hu Yuanling
2010剖析与借鉴 :新加坡廉政之道探究 = Analyses and implications : the research on the secret of corruption-free in Singapore姜在成 Jiang, Zaicheng
2000加入WTO中国汽车工业面临的机遇和挑战 = Opportunities and challenges facing chinese automobile industry after China joining WTO史建明 Shi, Jian Ming
2003南大学生会探究 (1956-1964)= A study of Nanyang University Students' Union (1956 - 1964)丘淑玲 Khe, Su Lin
2006南洋大学与新加坡政府关系(1953-1968)= Relationship between Nanyang University and Singapore government (1953-1968)周兆呈 Zhou, Zhao Cheng
2011南洋大学的南洋研究(1956-1980) = "Nanyang studies" in Nanyang University (1956-1980)高建东 Loh, Choy Mun
2016厦语电影与华语语系的 “方言问题“ = Amoy-dialect cinema and the "Problem of Chinese Dialects" in Sinophone studies杨明慧 Yeo, Min Hui
2014反霸权结构 :马来西亚纲领性文件的华教诉求 (1983-2010) = Acting against hegemony : Chinese education struggle in Malaysia's programmatic documents (1983-2010)雷秋明 Loi Chew Ming