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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008A comparative study of different survival analysis models for bankruptcy predictionLi, Ting
2017A complex systems approach to financial markets, social learning and socioeconomic phenomenaLoh, Lyon Han Zhou
2016Con/tact in the love poems of Carol Ann DuffyHo, Frida Gaya
2015The concept of the human being in the XunziLi, Jifen
2017Confucian ethics in the light of the Wu Xing textSun, Qingjuan
2016Construct development and testing of a measure of Guanxi quality : understanding workplace relationships from a cultural perspectiveChen, Miao Hua
2013Contextualizing overseas Chinese women's leadership styles : culture and management.Guo, Qinxian.
2017Contingent self-esteem, materialism and well-being : the mediating effects of need for autonomyNagpaul, Tania
2016Coping through leisure, leisure through coping : a critical ethnography of Filipino foreign domestic workers’ day-off leisure experiences in Gulong Gulong, SingaporeWong, George Boon Keng
2008Coping with anxiety, depression, anger and aggression : the mediational role of resilience in adolescents.Ng, Reuben.
2017"The corpse you planted last year in your garden / has it begun to sprout?” : Environmental regeneration and recuperation after the apocalypseWong, Wen Pu
2014Courtship and spatiality in nineteenth-century English novelsDivya Athmanathan
2012Credit risk pricing in a general frameworkHuang, Hanming
2010Crisis management in Sino-American relations 1999-2009 : patterns, changes and prospectsChan, Boh Yee
2007Cross straits relations : econification first, reunification later.Ng, Connie Yin Yin.
2010A cross-sectional study of achievement motivation among Hong Kong adolescents.Ngan, Cherrica Ming Mei.
2017Crossmodal correspondences between linguistic tones and complex 3-D shapes and their low-level sensory properties (Pitch & spatial frequency)Shang, Nan
2017Cultural identity and economic modernity in SingaporeLi, Hansen
2017The curious case of linguistic rights silence in SingaporeTang, Jerine Kit-Ling
2015Cyborg cinema : an emergence of the non-normative imaginationZahira Hayati Mohamed Amin