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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Construct development and testing of a measure of Guanxi quality : understanding workplace relationships from a cultural perspectiveChen, Miao Hua
2013Contextualizing overseas Chinese women's leadership styles : culture and management.Guo, Qinxian.
2017Contingent self-esteem, materialism and well-being : the mediating effects of need for autonomyNagpaul, Tania
2016Coping through leisure, leisure through coping : a critical ethnography of Filipino foreign domestic workers’ day-off leisure experiences in Gulong Gulong, SingaporeWong, George Boon Keng
2008Coping with anxiety, depression, anger and aggression : the mediational role of resilience in adolescents.Ng, Reuben.
2017"The corpse you planted last year in your garden / has it begun to sprout?” : Environmental regeneration and recuperation after the apocalypseWong, Wen Pu
2014Courtship and spatiality in nineteenth-century English novelsDivya Athmanathan
2012Credit risk pricing in a general frameworkHuang, Hanming
2010Crisis management in Sino-American relations 1999-2009 : patterns, changes and prospectsChan, Boh Yee
2007Cross straits relations : econification first, reunification later.Ng, Connie Yin Yin.
2010A cross-sectional study of achievement motivation among Hong Kong adolescents.Ngan, Cherrica Ming Mei.
2017Crossmodal correspondences between linguistic tones and complex 3-D shapes and their low-level sensory properties (Pitch & spatial frequency)Shang, Nan
2017Cultural identity and economic modernity in SingaporeLi, Hansen
2017The curious case of linguistic rights silence in SingaporeTang, Jerine Kit-Ling
2015Cyborg cinema : an emergence of the non-normative imaginationZahira Hayati Mohamed Amin
2014Dancing literatureChan, Rosemary Xiu Fen
2012Dethroning the authoritative discourse : heteroglossia in Wilde's and Shaw's novelized plays.Lawrence, Tina.
2017Developing bilingual content for educational galleryLew, Jie Song
2013Dialogism and monologism : a study of modernity and postcolonialism in Jean Marie Gustave Clézio's Oeuvre.Kwa, Brennan Yiew Khoon.
2016‘Doing’ leadership in interaction : a discursive investigation of emerging leadership construction in small group interactionDong, Shujing