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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Essays on happiness, intergenerational transmission and the environment.Ong, Qiyan.
2015Essays on net foreign assets and exchange ratesXie, Taojun
2013Essays on oil price fluctuations, financial markets and international tradeLe, Thai Ha
2016Essays on resource use, technology, and climate changeYin, Di
2014Essays on social preferences and strategic interactions : an experimental economics analysisLiu, Jia
2018Essays on social preferences, competition and cooperation : an experimental approachZhang, Ruike
2018Essays on social responsibility in the marketplace : an experimental economic analysisWang, Yan
2014Essays on the dynamics of the U.S. real exchange rateLi, Yingzhu
2013The ethics of aesthetics in Kawabata Yasunari.Siti Rohana Binte Mohamed Akhbar.
2012Ethnicity in everyday life : a case study of the Bajau in Sabah, Malaysia.Izzah Mohd Mokhti.
2013Evaluation of technopreneurship policy in SingaporeWong, Teck Yenn
2014An examination of the cerebellum and its involvement in higher cognitive processesKeren-Happuch E Fan Fen
2013Examining crosslingual word sense disambiguation.Liling, Tan.
2016Examining how video game playing experience affects cognitive plasticityYang, Han Jing
2004Exchange rate determination and misalignment : the case of China.Hang, Luo.
2009Existence of sketch in consumer culture in contemporary China and one type of its form changes - situation sitcom.Li, Yanshu.
2018Exposure to out-group cultural holidays increases intergroup social distanceLu, Jiahui
2017Facial expression aftereffect and its association with autistic traits in obscured facesLuo, Chengwen
2009Factor structure and psychometric properties of the 100-item and 42-item Qingnian Zhongguo Personality Scale (QZPS).Wu, Junwei.
2009Fairness and the political economy of economic growthLeong, Chee Kian