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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Dancing literatureChan, Rosemary Xiu Fen
2012Dethroning the authoritative discourse : heteroglossia in Wilde's and Shaw's novelized plays.Lawrence, Tina.
2017Developing bilingual content for educational galleryLew, Jie Song
2013Dialogism and monologism : a study of modernity and postcolonialism in Jean Marie Gustave Clézio's Oeuvre.Kwa, Brennan Yiew Khoon.
2016‘Doing’ leadership in interaction : a discursive investigation of emerging leadership construction in small group interactionDong, Shujing
2013Economic foundations of technical analysisWang, Wanying
2007Economic growth and transition : econometric analysis of Lim's S-curve hypothesisSng, Hui Ying
2018The effects of examiner personality variables and training on the accuracy of detection of deceptionKopparumsolan, V.
2017The effects of stress, threat/challenge appraisal, and coping flexibility on emotionChen, Luxi
2017Effects of translation strategies on the teaching of Mandarin to bilingual childrenEvangelyn, Stephen
2017Embedded rationality : conversion of middle-aged and elderly women to Christianity in contemporary rural ChinaYang, Hui
2007Emergence of early nouns and verbs in English and Mandarin : a longitudinal analysis of caregivers' speech and gestures.Setoh, Pei Pei.
2015Emotion categorization and early bilinguals : a study of Chinese-English bilinguals’ understanding of the shame categoryLin, Bai
2017Enviro-toons : what do parents think about it?Goh, Jeannette
2008Equilibrium-based valuation of option prices in jump-diffusion modelsHuang, Hua Mei
2011Essays in financial crisesZheng, Huanhuan
2014Essays in interactional dynamics of financial marketsChen, Zhenxi
2017Essays on civil conflict, political regimes, and natural endowmentsGupta, Satyendra Kumar
2017Essays on commodity dynamics, volatility, and interactionOu, Kun
2017Essays on experimental asset marketHalim, Edward